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Faluch Bigsby

Hey, how y’all doing? This is Faluch Bigsby, the author of God Uses Gangsters, and I’ve made it to my new prison. This is Madison Prison, here in Ohio. And I basically came here to take some programs and get my life together. Well, I’ve already ran into somebody that taught me something that I wanted to share with you guys. They were asking me about my PTSD and some of the things that happened in prison. And I explained to him, you know, I’ve been stabbed, tossed off [?], I got poisoned, I got hit with bricks. And in 2011, I had a near death experience and was flighted out of Lucasville Prison during a riot. And that was whenever I came to Christ, and I found God and believed that there was a higher power greater than myself.

Now, I said all that to say this, the lady looked at me and she said this, well, there’s no reason to focus to the past, because we’re not going in that direction. And I just wanted to share that with you is that sometimes we allow our past to dwell too much into our future and we don’t need to do that. We don’t need to look to the past because we’re not headed that way. And pretty much that’s what I wanted to share with you today is that we can control our future by the things that we need today. And pretty much we should love each other. We should love ourselves. And whenever we see a problem and a speck in somebody’s eye, we shouldn’t point it out or ridicule them. Maybe we should take them to the side and explain something to them, if we have that type of relationship. But we also need to learn boundaries, you know. Everybody doesn’t need to know your opinion. You know, you got to get on that level with people. And with that, I want you to know that this is a Faluch Bigsby. I love you guys. God bless.

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