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Travis Nettles (Seven)

What was going on now? Peace, well, peace, well, all is well. I hope all is well new for all those out there that’s going through, you know, this transition of normalcy in so many ways. This is Seven. I’ve been MIA, working on my mind, body, and spirit. I’ve also, you know, realized that meditation is very powerful when you got a place in your life where you really needed to settle down. Not just settle down as in a relationship with someone, but settle down as in a relationship with yourself. And, in the midst of that, when you meditate, you can manifest things, you know. Our bodies carry energy. And when we send them out there inside the universe, things come back the way we think. Everything starts with the mind. The mind is the master.

I say all that to say this: the only way you can truly win going through the process of progression is being willing to sacrifice, even when it seems impossible. You may have to sacrifice places, people, or things because when you got people inside your life that are sitting at your table that’s not, you know, good for you, you must remove them. And when you remove those people or remove those places or removed those things, something will always fulfill that. Something better, something greater. Sometimes it could be worse though. They’ll still be whatever. But you should be able to see that coming before actually trying, before you actually work on approaching that table to sit and eat.

Well, I have done that and the nonprofit foundation, organization, you know, came into my life, called Positive Transitioning. They’re located, you know, main base is out of Ohio and they are starting to do a lot of things with helping people that’s incarcerated inside of these prison walls and gates. And they have helped me on multiple levels. They help with work on the inside, you know, and they actually help people reenter into the community the proper way. And with them doing so, it’s so profound that a person can really actually seen the growth of themselves if they really wanted that. If they really, really take the time out to really grow inside and do the things that need to be done in order to prevail in life. And as a community, as a whole, we must understand that people inside just made a mistake and that’s the only thing that’s separating you from me. Because at the end of the day, you make the wrong mistake (inaudible), excuse my language, but you could probably get stuck in a messed up case. And that’s the focus and we’re part of the transition. They are for the community. We can’t have a real community without the unity. You can’t even spell community without having unity inside of it.

Well we sit here and look at the world, the environment we live in, then 25% of what our children can become. So if we don’t sit here, confident to elevate, then we find ourselves going backwards. We find ourselves repeating and repeating the cycle. Of being victims towards the system. Of actually falling down and doing things that we should not be doing in the long haul because in the long haul, if we aren’t still here elevating ourselves, we’re going to be killing ourselves physically, mentally, psychologically, financially at times as well. So with that being said, I would really like to thank Positive Transitioning for coming into my life at a time of need. When I needed someone to really admit, when I needed someone to help me grow from his inside situation, the trauma and the things that I’m dealing with.

And when y’all get the time or get the chance, please check out Positive Transitioning. Please look them up. They take donations and they help the people re-enter into this community the proper way. For those who sit here and speak on gun violence — Positive Transitioning, they help with that. Because in order to really sit here and change the community and change the ones that are incarcerated, it starts with the mind. So if a person is actually trying to think the best, with the proper body, with the proper minerals se we clear the individual mind of criminal activities. Then I advise everyone to be a part of that. You can contact Positive Transitioning online, Positive Transitioning Incorporated online. You can also call 380-215-0818. You can also call 380-215-1550. And they got a couple more other numbers. It will be really, really, really, really good, not just for yourself, but also for the community because in life sometimes it’s not just about Earth. In life, it’s bigger than just Earth. The whole world picture. Everything in life is necessary. I acknowledge you learned the lesson from me.

With that being said, I appreciate your time and your energy and I thank you for listening. Peace with blessings. I am Seven.

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