Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Since 1994, the emergence and persistence of the Zapatista Movement has been a pain in the side of the Mexican state.

An indigenous, women-commanded, revolutionary army was a nightmare for the globalist, NAFTA-era business servants of the Mexican government.

They have repeatedly attacked the Zapatistas, not just militarily, but via the media, as well.

Now, the state, using paramilitaries, has attacked the Zapatistas again.

On May 2nd, the Zapatista support community, La Realidad in Chiapas, was ambushed, and a teacher there, Jose Luis Solis Lopez, was beaten badly — and shot repeatedly — to death.

Solis Lopez, known affectionately as ‘Galeano’, taught at La Escuelita (the Little School), a Zapatista institution.

His killers are members of a Mexican paramilitary group, with ties to the government.

As a popular, revolutionary army, the Zapatistas have denounced revenge, but they want their many supporters to know that Galeano’s murder has sparked both pain and rage among them.

They also see this as a pretext for attacks to come.

They are calling for supporters worldwide to denounce this attack.