Prison Radio
Christopher “Naeem” Trotter

My name is Christopher Trotter. I’m 54 years old. I’m serving 142 years for participating in a prison riot in 1985 at the Indiana State Reformatory in which no one was killed.

You can go on MSNBC Lockup, Wabash Valley, and view my live interview. You can also go to the and listen to my live interview with Rob and Lucinda Boy.

At this point, I have a post-conviction relief form pending, and you can go to and sign my petition for post-conviction relief justice for Christopher Trotter. I need all the support that I can get in my struggle for justice and freedom.

I’m strong but human. I did 10 straight years in solitary confinement, and I’ve been released to the general population, and I’m adjusting very well, but it’s still a burden that I’m experiencing so much dehumanization and basically torture at the hands of prison guards.

I asked that people please go check out my interview on MSNBC Lock Up, “Extended Stay” and sign my petition on To everyone that believes injustice and the ideal of freedom, I ask that you support Christopher Trotter at Wabash Valley Indiana Correctional Facility and please go to and sign my petition for freedom. Thank you very much. I’m strong but human.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.