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Krystal Clark

Hi everybody, I know y’all haven’t heard from me in a while.

They have been terrible, like this has been so, so wrong, how they’ve been doing me. Well, first of all, they took my phone calls for twenty some days, my brother is locked up, and we had to get permission to talk to each other thirteen years ago. So that was some bullcrap. And then like I was telling y’all on the ninth, they locked me in seg for no reason. Then I had to use a wheelchair, they had took my wheelchair detail, and I used the wheelchair, and they wrote me a class two. Like this is sad. Like they took all my details, they gave me a two leg walker that really I cannot barely use, my whole body still swole, my face is swole, y’all can go look up, they did another ID picture.

But what’s so sad about it, how the doctors and what they doing and they getting away with it, and the director was here today, and she was very aware of my situation and you didn’t even come in and try to find out is it true or not? You didn’t even stop in a unit where I was, and you got over so many emails and letters about my situation? That shows that she don’t care, they had the inmates scrubbing and cutting grass, cleaning everything up to make it look good. She is a part of this. She is very well knows what’s going on in here, because if you didn’t know, wouldn’t you be trying to find out, come look and see? Because I’m very notice you can see what is going on. This mold they trying to cover up is terrible. I’m highly allergic.

They move me in another unit away from the people who was helping me, just harassing and retaliating. This unit, you can walk in here and just smell it. It smells like mildew mold. It’s bad. It’s so bad. And it just hurts. And I’m so looking at the PC different today because when the director didn’t come in here, she’s like, yeah, we good. What about us? You go home every day. You go home every day. What about us? We living in here, we not good. You good, we not. Like this is sad. This is sad. They is killing me and they trying to kill me. They want me dead. The lady told me, the reason why she moved me is because she got tired of hearing my name and got tired of hearing. So moving me, you think people not still gonna call and worry about me? Like this is unbelievable.

And I’m in a unit where they’re pregnant. We have one who just got her baby not too long ago, she told me how she was treated, they tried make her leave her baby, and we got one in here, it’s so sad that the judge sent her to this prison. It’s not safe in here. Like these ladies are living in mold. It’s not safe. You sitting here in prison for eleven months for a parole violation, and she didn’t even violate? Did you see how serious this is? This mold can kill they babies, can hurt them. Somebody, we need help. Heidi Washington, the governor, whoever, no one is doing anything. Like I’m so happy to talk to y’all, I’m so happy, I miss talking to y’all, I’m so happy. They tried to stop it, but what my god do. Like this is sad. I’m just so tired. Y’all just don’t know. I’m so tired. I’m trying to … I’m trying, but I’m sick of this. I’m so sick of this.

Y’all took everything from me, but everything else got the same thing. If something happened to people, don’t even need it, y’all still give it to them? Clear as day, retaliation, it’s clear as day. Like every time I telling them I was going up, this is how I was getting treated, this is what they do, like this is wrong. Something needs to be done. Like done. I can’t believe this lady came here and didn’t even come see me, didn’t come in to the unit. Like y’all got us slaving to make it look good. She know it don’t look good in here. You can tell how clean it is so you can tell like something going on. She don’t care.

And I just feel bad for these ladies in here that’s pregnant, what they going through, they make them have their babies early? Do you know that’s a risk? They trying to make these ladies have they babies early, why? Because you got them in this place they should not be, I know. This is sad. I just want them to have their babies at home before you sent them here. This is sad. This is what I’m going through, I’m on so much medicine, this is so just terrible. This is just terrible.

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