Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Clark, inmate number 435064. I’m in WHV, the Valley of Death. It’s so much right now. I’m going through a lot, I’m sick, so I gotta take my time a little bit. This is so sad, how they treating us. It’s a lot going on I can’t really talk about, but my health is no better.

The doctor just—really telling me— she just… the doctor asked people, like the warden and everything—my whole body, they told me I had to sit outside. That’s the only way I’m getting help: unless I get out the prison.

The water, they prepping the food [inaudible]. Where they cooking at, all the dirty water, bird dookie being in the pans. And young ladies told them, reported this, and then they get in trouble?! Reporting this, that they’re feeding us this disgusting food! Like, it’s just so sad.

And then, I’m getting harassed from retaliation. When I go into the kitchen, they want me to sit down and eat. My face is already twisted. I can’t barely eat. So they give us like 10 minutes. It’s… it’s just sad.

I [inaudible] to get some air and get harassed by a Sergeant Heart. He’s supposed to be having a heart, his last name is Heart… this lady who pushed me, [inaudible], got diarrhea. She gotta use ‘em. So she gotta sit here and use ‘em on herself, and one of these ladies, it’s on a minute, and she’s bleeding through her pants, and he’s sitting up there talking about us, like it’s funny. Like, this is sad! And-and nothing happened. 

These people getting away with a lot. These men don’t even know how to talk to us. This is ridiculous. Unstoppable. And then he gonna tell me, “Do what I gotta do, report whatever I gotta do. Do it.” Like he gets so tough and untouchable… but do what I do when you around here, flirting with these females, and doin’ you. Ain’t nothing being said. Like, this is sad!

These people out here gotta use the bathroom that used it on theyself and he gets in there and won’t let us out?! And the warden… like, something needs to happen! This is really ridiculous!

Like, I’m looking like a… older, and I ain’t even older. My skin and all this has changed, and everything. I’m swallowin’ pills [?], havin’ toast [?], barely can eat. They started putting me on antibiotics, telling me I gotta get out of this prison, but how can I get out of this prison if no one helps me?

They just sit here. This is unstoppable, y’all. I guess, just wanted to update y’all cause I know y’all haven’t heard from me in a long time. I’m going through hell. I try to do much as I can to stay strong and ignore my pain. And that’s all I can do—and pray, and pray.

And I thank everybody who listened, who wrote me, and I just wanna tell you thanks. And I am very, very thankful… this radio station, everyone, all of you. We want to say, we really love y’all. Y’all have been a blessing in our life. Really thankful, so thankful for all this. But we are… this is sad.

No bleach, no nothing. We got a shower and cold water all day. People’s bowel movements, everywhere. Blood, everywhere. Like, this is unstoppable!

They denying me seeing my mother and my sister. They playing games. I can’t… my mother’s been out of here, in another state, and haven’t saw me, my sister, they come up here and see me, they denied them from seeing me. And the PC tell me they can’t on account of them not being on the visitor list. And they’ve been on my visitor list for 12 years.

This is all retaliation. Every time I ask them something… anybody else can go up there and talk to everybody… when it comes to me, they know, so I cooled it up [?]. It’s something about the radio station, or it’s something about attorneys. This, this is not right. This is sad! This is sad!

These men, they can come in the kitchen and sit down and eat good meals and fresh food. And we get leftovers with [inaudible] and bird dookie all on our pans, that they gotta cook out with no hot water. So we eat. Everything is not sanitary. This is terrible! Y’all, this is so sad, and I’m trying to talk fast because I know we ain’t got that much time. This is so sad! Like… it’s a lot going on. It’s a lot going on in here. They are… they are doing a lot.

Yeah, and the same man who had beat down the lady, Terrie Hall, he’s standing—one of ‘em—he’s standing there thinking it’s a joke. He thinking it’s a joke. This man get to talk to us any kind of way and do what he want—Ross, whatever his name and  they all three, I’m just gonna say-

 These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.