Prison Radio
Joadanus Olivas

Taxpayers 101.

Taxpayers: I’m worth about $1.5 million of your tax money. You pay for me to be here for 14 years thus far. Did you know your money that you pay the IRS is used to turn prisons in a myriad of other places, places like colleges, hospitals, public housing, gambling, drugs.

You believe I’m exaggerating here. You know you should look this info up when I’m done with this essay. $100,000 a year maybe and more, depending on my actions, especially being housed in a mental health program in here or having to go to the outside hospital because my appendix burst or maybe cutting myself. You know, a month ago your taxpayer dollars was used to give me seven staples on my head, seven of them actually. Look taxpayers, 100,000 is too much wasted on little old me and thousands of other prisoners.

Your money has built 34 public prisons in Cali. You know, with 10,000, you could pay for one Black boy from the ghetto or brown boy to go to college and learn the trade. [inaudible] fourteen could be diverted from prison and you can waste $80,000 of your money hard earned. You could just tell the government, “Let’s just spend 20,000 each on 100,000 boys and girls that potentially will be locked up.” That’s right, will be locked up. According to statistics.

But if you take them to be career-oriented, law-abiding citizens instead of prisoners, there would be no prisons, no prisoners, just United States citizens, instead of slaves here in prison. But more [inaudible] the economy has grown and iInflation has vanished. You have a better chance of donating your money to me. Send it to my prison account and depend on me to change the whole thing, [inaudible]. Is the government punishing you when you pay the taxes? I’m not being political, just economical, you taxpayers.

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