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Sheik Bilal Abdul Salaam-Bey

This is Bilal Abdul-Salam Bey. This piece is by Daryl Mitchell, number 114031, at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility. It is called the full purpose of 22:12 Islam as presented are Daryl Mitchell.

And he says the sole purpose of 22:12 Islam is to reveal the fruitful teachings of [inaudible] who studied Islam—the acronym for intelligence, science, logic and mathematics. The Islam we study also means an acronym for I, self, lord, and master, and I, self, lordess, and master—meaning we believe the spirit of Allah. God is in us as our breath. Spirited derived from the words [inaudible] means to breathe.

We believe in I being conscious within our third eye, [inaudible] pineal gland in which is ourselves existing, non-physically, who is the lord or lordess, meaning sovereign supreme ruler and master. A lord is a god, and a lordess is a goddess. In the Holy Bible in Psalms chapter 82 in verses 5 to 6 reads: The gods know nothing.

They understand nothing. They walk about in darkness. All the foundations of the earth are sinking. I said you are gods, you are all sons of the most high. If we are gods and we are lords making our women as we goddesses who are lordesses. If we are sons of the most high, then our sisters is daughters of the most high, making us [inaudible], meaning successor and deputy rulers of God, the almighty lord, Making us all by all mighty [inaudible].

This again was written by Darryl Mitchell, number 114031. Any wishing to reach him regarding this, uh, commentary, may do so by writing Darryl Mitchell, D A R Y L M R T C H E L L, number 114031, Hutchinson Correctional Facility, PO box 1568, Hutchinson, Kansas 67504.

Thank you for your time, effort and energy.

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