Prison Radio
Reginald Sinclair Lewis

I am Reginald Sinclair Lewis. “This piece is called: This Is Your World.”

It is truly deeply moving to see throngs of anti-racist white Americans of all economic, educational, and social backgrounds shouting, “black lives matter.” Clenched fists raised, as they march alongside our young Black and Brown brothers and sisters in the movement.

This is the interconnection of all people with the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. And the vision in his famous April 16th, 1963 letter from a Birmingham city jail where he wrote, “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.” On November 3rd, we need the same energy and spirit of solidarity from the millennials.

The generation Z-ers and the Latinx-ers to cast their vote for the candidates who they feel will implement the policies and issues that greatly matters to you. Environmental protections, gun control, student debt forgiveness, affordable housing, police reform, and equal pay. Your generation has the power to silence the idiotic babble of buffoons who saturate the airways with dark medieval commentaries. Their callousness, stupidity, and [inaudible] threatens your freedom, education, and safety during this most horrific global pandemic.

It’s past time for most of them to just get the hell out of your way. Demand justice, do not surrender. Remember that white supremacy is a social construction that historically denied the economic advancement, humanity, and equality of Black and Brown and all between communities. The rulers [inaudible] threat factors against your ingenious minds, amazing skill sets, holistic ability to read and to write, and to think independently. Which means that you cannot be controlled.

So do all you can to shatter and disrupt the frightening Orwellian prophecy of a dictatorial, militaristic, and [authoritarian] society. Young lady, young lady, from a princess to a queen. Young man, young man, from a prince to a king. On November 3rd, the power of your vote is not an illusory dream, but a beautiful reality that holds the power to fulfil the promise of the founding fathers. You are the true stewards of the earth. This is your world.

I am Reginald Sinclair Lewis.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.