Prison Radio
Faluch Bigsby

Hello, America, it’s me again Faluch Bigsby, the author of “God Uses Gangsters.” Well listen up, we got some good news for all the listeners, I’m going to be transferred to a new prison. It’s going to be in RTU programming, so I can do the programs to get out of prison, basically. And with this transfer, a lot of good things are going to be happening. So I just want to say if you keep the faith and get through all the hard times, sometimes a little light shines through. So this will be my new address for Faluch Bigsby. B-i-g-s-b-y, my number is 529-169. And you can write me at Madison Prison 1851, State Route 56, London, Ohio 43140. That is, basically, I will be leaving tomorrow. So I’ll be there if anybody sends me any letters or anything. And I wanted to say that if anybody sends me a phone number, whatever, I will call you on my dime, I’ll pay for the call and I’m open to discuss anything. Now, I want to say I had gotten a letter today and I wanted to speak on that. So there was a part in my book where I talked about my childhood and I referred to the first time I ever saw somebody getting murdered. It was in my living room and I didn’t actually say who it was in the book. And somebody asked me who it was. Well, when I originally wrote my book, my mother was still alive, and she had recently passed away during the COVID era. So, it was my mom that shot the guy in our living room and it was because she just had a belief that that’s what happens whenever somebody is accused of being a child molester. Now, I no longer have those same feelings. I did not believe that. And it was a traumatic experience. So with that being said, I just want you to understand, even if we are raised to believe something, we have something deep down inside of us where we know what the right thing is. So we as people can start looking within and understand that we’re all people and we’re all God’s children. And with that, I just want you to know, I love you guys. And hopefully we can move forward in America. We have a presidential election coming up. Maybe we’ll get some good candidates this time. And maybe we’ll be able to pick not the lesser of two evils, but an actual good person if God willing. God bless. This is Faluch Bisby for a rural nation. Have a good night.

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