Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

It is fascinating to watch US presidents, as they call names and promise destruction, especially so soon after the flood of disasters that have been waged throughout the Middle East.

Iraq is a social, economic, political, environmental and spiritual basket-case. Libya is little better.

Both are horrific examples of US interventions that have plunged both societies into deadly hell-scapes, places of religious strife, kidnappings, corruption, broken institutions and rape. For the US, and its so-called allies, are pretty good at destruction of governments. Reconstruction?

Not so much.

Now, the American Way lumbers into Syria ostensibly to weaken ISIS (lately called the Islamic State).

As in Iraq and later Libya, the US and its ignoble allies, are in contempt of the people who are invariably referred to coldly as ‘collateral damage’.

The Arab so-called ‘allies’? Cover for the imperialists, who are actually collaborators with Western foreigners.

All the rap about training armies? If the US couldn’t do it in 12 years, a few months are simply laughable.

This means that US and Western military efforts will continue indefinitely. For months. For years, perhaps.

And to what end?

Democracy? An end to terrorism?


For one thing, imagine the various and sundry members of the so-called coalition. Should it surprise us that, with the exception of France, there’s hardly a democracy among them? There a plenty of princes -sure. But democracies?

This war, like the Iraq War before it, promised heaven, but delivered hell. It was, and is, a disaster, that promises more suffering for the Arabs, who had the immense misfortune, of being born in lands where lakes of oil bubble beneath them.