Prison Radio
Christopher “Naeem” Trotter

Hello outside world, my name is Christopher Trotter.

Again, calling inside the belly of the beast at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. Carlisle, Indiana, to update you on the COVID-19 situation inside the belly of the beast.

Today, the institution still has not done any mandatory testing of prisoners for COVID-19. They gave us [inaudible] packets for prisoner to take flu shots. Well they paid prisoners to take flu shots. And after these prisoners received these so-called flu shots, they all came sick. Over 50 prisoners tested positive for COVID-19. They isolated some of the prisoners a week after. Then they brought ’em back into the general population five or six days after they had allegedly tested positive for COVID-19.

I had the privilege of talking to some of these prisoners, asking them about the conditions on the lockup unit. And they said they never received any of their property while they were over there. They would be at this cold [inaudible] while they were in there. And it made me wonder, is this a discourage tactic? Because if you report that you may be suffering from a fever or you may think that you have COVID, they will isolate you.

And so therefore, now prisoners don’t want to be isolated. Based on the conditions that they’re held under in isolation. And so the prisoners that came back, that allegedly tested for COVID-19 I asked them. I said, did any of y’all get a copy of your test? They said no. And I asked ’em why not. And they didn’t bother to ask so it makes me wonder, did they have a positive really or did they come back negative or what?

I mean, you know, you don’t have a copy of the test when the [inaudible] sent it in. Do we trust the administration enough to just take their word, that your results are positive or your results are negative. Do we take their word for it? Again, you would think with over 50 positive cases in one week after your so-called flu shot, that they would do mandatory testing. Or they would at least test prisoners of 65 and over that have chronical illness. That suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure. But they didn’t even do that.

But today we’re still on lock-down. Which makes me think are we just going through the motions? You know, to make it clear that they’re doing something because COVID-19 is on the rise throughout the country. It’s on the rise in the state of Indiana. So well, we’re gonna make it appear that we’re following the guidelines. But nonetheless, here at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle, Indiana. They have not done any mandatory testing. When over 50- when over 50 positive cases came up. They never did any type of contact tracing. So it makes me wonder what are they up to?

What are they doing? Do they care if prisoners catch COVID or not? Or do they care if the older population of prisoners catch COVID or not? It makes me wonder like, the older population, most of them don’t work. And just like in society, the older population, most of them don’t work. And if, you’re no value to the workforce in society. If you’re no value to the workforce in prison, and it costs us more to keep you or to take care of you in society. And it costs us more to take care of you in prison, then what’s the solution? COVID-19.

Is this a population control virus now, that has been released? Because nothing much has been done about it. But anyway, I would encourage people to—who have loved ones in prison—to get involved. To find out what’s going on with your family members. Go to IDLC watch and see how you can participate. You know, they’re talking about shutting down Miami County Correctional Facility in Indiana because of the COVID-19. They had the national guards there.

I hope people are aware of that. They had the national guards at the Indiana State Reformatory. And I hope people are aware of that, as a result of COVID-19. And it’s just a matter of time before they have the national guards here at Wabash Valley as a result of COVID-19. And people with loved ones should be concerned. Especially when you hear our president talk about this herd immunizations. Herd- we just want to make COVID-19 run rampant throughout the population.

People would get immune and let it kill whoever it can kill. Which- when I hear something like that, I think about genocide (laughs). You know, I think about genocide. Even with the president’s continent, “don’t be afraid.” He shouldn’t be afraid cause he gets some of the best healthcare in the world. But does the average citizen get the same healthcare that the president gets?

That’s a reason to be afraid, if you don’t get the same health care. Prisoners, do we get the same health care the president is- that the president get? That’s a reason for us to be afraid. They’re not going to pay for all the ventilation systems to put prisoners on ventilators. To get this, to get these treatments, these therapeutic treatments.

They’re not going to pay for that for no prisoner. So we should be afraid. We shouldn’t have to live with it because people are dying from it. A prisoner died from it and they’re yet to tell people why he died or how he died. I talked to another prisoner since he had the flu shot, that his hair is starting to fall out. I said oh, that’s kind of familiar. I heard that people with COVID-19—one of the side effects is that your hair falls out.

Again, there was this whole thing about the flu shots. Them paying prisoners to take the flu shot really [inaudible]. Really but they’re interjecting me with some trial vaccine of COVID. Now, all of a sudden they have a survey. One- a one question survey. If a vaccine came available, would you take it? This is what they’re asking prisoners. So if you say yes, that means that if they come up with something [inaudible] and say, well hey hey, this is a vaccine. They wouldn’t tell you if it’s a trial vaccine or not. You’ve already signed a little binder says you would take it.

Whoever heard of a one question survey? If a vaccine came available, would you take it? This is what they’re asking prisoners. After they [inaudible] pay them to take these flu shots. Which, under my opinion, it was a COVID vaccine trail shot. Because too many prisoners came sick after that. And-and the public needs to be aware of-prisoners could be ground zero for testing.

It could be ground zero for testing. So, families need to be aware of that. And again, we’re still on lock-down here at Wabash Valley. No telling when they might let up, but I encourage people to, again, go to IDLC watch. And see what you can do to get involved in understanding what’s going on inside this- the prison system.

My name is Christopher Trotter. I’m inside Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. And I pray that everyone stay safe. Thank you for your time.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.