Is There A Balm in Gilead (1:54) by Mumia Abu-Jamal




[col. writ. 4/22/16] ©'16. Mumia Abu-Jam



The great Black activist and artist, Paul Robeson, in 1958, in Carnegie Hall, sang the gospel song, 'Balm in Gilead':

♪Therrre is a balmmm in Gileaaad,
♪To make the wounded who--oole!♪....

His full, magnificent baritone filled the Hall with wonder.

These words in song sprang back from over half a century, when the news emerged of a big pharmaceutical, Gilead Sciences, Inc., buying the drug sofosbuvir--and then tripling its preferred price, to treat hundreds of thousands of people, suffering from Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is a liver infection (inflammation), which can untreat, lead to immense suffering and death.

Sofosbuvir, sold under the names Harvoni and Sovaldi, is more than a treatment: it is a cure, with healing rates of over 95%. And it now goes for $1,000--- as pill.


A full course of treatment?


Over $100,000.

Is there a balm in Gilead?
Yup. There is.
But only a few can afford it.


To quote Paul Robeson, in the words of this cherished Negro spiritual,
♪There is a balm in Gilead,
♪To make the wounded whooole----♪♪


But if you can't afford it, you die.



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