Prison Radio
Jamil Pirant

Okay, I know that it’s the women that’s the biggest support to mankind, period. And I can testify to this a hundred times over, not just a queen being a woman but the queen being a woman in a sense to everything that you is whether it’s your mother or your sister. So over the years, I’ve had to learn how to make sure that my bonds with the woman have become something that’s pure in a sense, because I know her support is.

I’ve been able to stay strong over these years by the love of my female cousins and my aunties and my mother and the women that just reach out like [inaudible] This is a queen’s support. I appreciate that man, y’all strong. Like that black lives matter comes from a queen’s support.

Every movement we ever had always been supported by the women despite what color they were. I appreciate a queen’s support. I thank y’all man, every letter y’all have assemblies. Every dime y’all ever donated. Every time y’all always shouted me out. They just mean something, and I know what they do to me. I know what support is. It’s like rib to a body.

You know what I’m saying? What’s a man without his rib? Unsupported. So I appreciate that. Thank you.

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