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Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall

In the wake of the July 4th weekend, rogue police officers committed cold-blooded murder of three African American men in separate incidents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and St. Paul, Minnesota.

The world has witnessed the viral video of Baton Rouge police murder Alton Sterling in front of a convenience store where he hawked CDs/DVDs in the community. Two white police officers are seen confronting and suddenly football-tackling Alton Sterling to the ground, where they restrained, tasered, and shot him to death. When has it become police procedure to cause a confrontation & football tackle a person who has committed no crime? When has possession of a gun for self-defense become an instant death penalty imposed by cops?

Another African American man, whose identity is being withheld by Oklahoma City police, was brutally murdered by officers in an Oklahoma City jail after being arrested on a several years old warrant for failure to pay child support. The Coroner’s autopsy report revealed the man died from strangulation and a broken neck. Oklahoma City Police Department and the city jail refuse to release video footage of this man’s murder, thereby activating the police’s “Blue Wall of Silence” code, which is the police’s version of criminal’s “No Snitching” code.

Philando Castile’s last moments of life was streamed live on video by his fiance, after having been shot four times at point-blank range while sitting in the driver’s position of his car during a traffic stop for a broken rear tail light, by a panicky St. Paul police officer. Philando Castile was murdered in view of his fiance and their four-year-old daughter that sat in the rear seat of the car, after informing the officer that he possessed a legal permit to carry a gun and was going to get his driver’s license from his pants’ back pocket.

The mother of Philando Castile stated that the police would not allow her to identify her son, wouldn’t name the hospital her son was taken to, wouldn’t identify the investigating police officer, wouldn’t allow her to view her son’s body at the city morgue, and wouldn’t release the name of the police officer responsible for the death of her son. Mrs. Castile ran into the cops’ “Blue Wall of Silence”.

During her CNN interview, a poised Mrs. Castile perceptively identified the true cause of her son’s murder, when she matter-of-factly stated, “The police are hunting Black people. There is a silent war being waged on African Americans”.

How true indeed.

From the Belly of the Beast, at Prison Radio, I am Shakaboona.

Thank you for listening.