Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

At the end of the notorious tax bill’s passage, leaders of the Republicans did everything but fall on their faces in supine servility to President Trump.

They praised him with words of wonderment, almost thanking him for granting them air to breathe.

For Americans, for men, for free people, the sight was as shocking as it was sickening. Early Americans fought a bloody Revolution to end the practice of free men bowing to Kings. At the time, most of Europe believed that kings were ordained by God.

A radical nation, the United States tossed that idea into the trash heaps of history.

Look today at these men who claim fealty to some so-called ‘founding fathers’” fathers, maybe, but these are not their sons.

They are Tories, servants of wealth, servants of capital, not their fellow citizens.

At the UN, the US threatens the world to cut off foreign aid – unless they bow to the Empire.

The world answered: 128 countries against; 9 in favor: the US loses by a landslide.

The politics of bullies now reigns, both here and abroad.

They reign, but that doesn’t mean that they always win.