Prison Radio
Brandi Lynn Oligney

Okay, hi, my name is Brandi Oligney. I’m an inmate woman here on Valley Correctional Facility.

I contracted COVID from working in the kitchen and they put me in a unit. I’m on medication to treat drug addiction and they are not giving me my medication. So for three days, I haven’t had my medication. I’m in complete withdrawal on top of having COVID I’ve talked to two different sergeants about this. They have no disregard instead they threatened to lock me up and put me in segregation because I’m demanding to see somebody and all they do is just keep bringing more and more and more people in this unit that contracted the disease but nobody’s even seen a doctor in the area.

We have not had any health care whatsoever. None zero. This place is the worst when it comes to administration. They’re letting us suffer they’re doing nothing but treating us like animals. We need help in here. They told me yesterday that the nurse won’t even come in this unit because we have COVID What kind of nursing staff is that? So we have to stay here suffering because they hire nurses that can’t even be nurses to take care of sick people.

Highly upsetting I don’t know if I’m gonna end up in trouble because I’m demanding health care and burning up with fever. They don’t care. these commentaries are recorded by in prison radio.