Prison Radio
Krystal Clark
Unabridged Commentary

Hi, my name is Krystal Clark. My inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV, the Valley of Death.

This is so true, the Valley of Death. We just had another death, a young lady commit suicide. She told them that she was going to kill herself. They let her. This is so sad. Young lady 30 years old. Her name is Kiki [Tidmore]; I will get the last name. Got one child [inaudible]. This is just so sad. This is sad. Then we got another one in the hospital not gon’ make it. This is – this is ridiculous, like, someone needs to be charged with this. It should not be no way that mental health or even the warden, the governor, anything – when these people saying they gon’ kill theyself and y’all don’t take it serious, look how many people we done lost for this, due to this. The lady 30 years old and ain’t got too long – if she had that much time to go home. Like, and y’all didn’t pay attention to that and watch that, and now the young lady is gone and she could have been alive? This needs to stop.

Then got these people here sick that need to go to the hospital just sitting there. And like, and y’all – the fake [inaudible], the hospital, they little thing they got over there, it’s ridiculous. It’s sad. This has to stop. This needs to stop. We need help. Like, this is so sad. My heart is like – oh my God – when I heard it, like, this is terrible. And no one – they just covering it up? No. She could have been had her life. It don’t matter what she said, either mental, whatever, she should have been watched at all times. She still would have been here. Like, then y’all telling the family all kinds of lies and y’all know this ain’t true. Y’all reporting these deaths and lying about ’em. This is not right. These people got kids and family out there that love them, that they want to go home to and now they can’t. This need to stop. All this stuff that’s going on in this prison is a cover-up. The warden, Heidi Washington, whatever they want to say, she came here, they said, the other day, walked through here, and then do nothing? Didn’t say nothing? She should be be charged too.

Like, this is unstoppable, like, it’s so much going on. This place, it’s sickning. You got the inspectors working with the inmates against they own officers now? Inmates talking to officers like that and the higher-ups let ’em? Like, this is unstoppable, like, we need help. I’m gonna keep on saying that we need help. I still this – they playing games. Every time I see the warden he a tell me – the day I’m going to see the people – I haven’t [inaudible] still got running all out my ear, my whole body swole, these knots is growing in my throat. This is unstoppable. Like, it’s a lot of people getting cancer, we don’t know why. This water still got a bacteria, it’s not safe to drink, it stinks like mold. We’ve showered in cold water, air blowing on us. And then they got inmates scrubbing it off with they tweezers and stuff, trying to get the mold off [inaudible] and use it with they girlfriends to get brownie points. And making other people stick. I’m highly allergic to this. This is unstoppable. Like, it’s a lot of crooked stuff and they trying to turn us against each other, and a lot of us falling for it because they don’t have no reporting, this is all they have. And they just go along with it against each other. This hurts my heart. My heart is really hurt, like, I’ve never ever saw nothing like this in my life.

Like, the warden – some of the staff and them [inaudible] that some of the officers, they try to do they job but, shit, they let the inmates – the higher ups let the inmates run them. And when they try to help, they get in trouble. When they doing the right thing. They gotta be doing bad things to get a reward or trophy. They gotta do what the warden or whatever wants them to do to get a trophy. This need to stop. I wish they can take these cameras, and I hope they do investigating on the death with this young lady when she’s just telling them. The cameras prove everything, witness prove everything. Like, come on now, this lady had a child. 30 years old.

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