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Mumia Abu-Jamal

Ona Move!

What is Global Liberation?

Is it the election of people that, (we think), thinks like us?

Is it the replacement of one system with another one?

Is it the imposition of more humanistic economic theories of governance?

If we’re honest, we see that it is none of these things; for if global liberation means anything, it means all-encompassing, total –affecting every sphere of our existence.

Who can deny that our politics is deeply corrupted? That the rich –as in the days of the robber barons – own the political class, lock, stock and barrel?

Moreover, the corporate class is plunging Mother Earth into Eco shock–for mere pennies. Remember the massive and obscene oil spills of recent years?

John Africa, the revolutionary Founder of the MOVE Organization, in his booklet, The Judges’ Letter, said:

“The courts are the tools of industrial plague, granting big business privilege to poison our earth.”

Man is at war with his Mother – and unbridled capitalism is the formal organization of this instinct.

Global Liberation, then, must be a holistic attack on all forces that pollute our earth; corporate, cultural, chemical and consciousness-wise.

We need to fight for deeper solutions.

Be a part of that great struggle that is being born.