Prison Radio
Bambi Nicole King

Hi, this is Bambi again. I just wanted to call in and record some things. I haven’t really called you guys in a while.

There’s been a lot of things that I’ve been going through, and it’s really messed up, like I had another individual that came to me and told me that the same woman that fired me from my job had like referred to me as a f*ggot, and things like that should not be- when you’re going above and beyond your job to refer to an individual that identifies as a part of the LGBT community, that is horrific, like that is so horrifying, and like ever since then it has given me like bad dreams.

I wake up sometimes and I feel like I want to cry. I go to sleep at night sometimes and I feel like I want to cry. And it’s really messed up and traumatizing to a person. I still have yet been able to hear anything back from as far as my classification appeal. It’s like- I only have like maybe two weeks left until I’m eligible to even be job eligible for the facility, and like, they’re not even trying to respond to my appeal and just being like put on the back burner, and that is like, why, you know, what is it that I’ve done for you guys to do this to me?

There needs to be a major, major change in the Indiana Department of Corrections, let alone any department of corrections. It is so bad, it is very bad. I do have a friend that is- she is trans as well, and I only get to spend like an hour with her out as far as being in the gym, to have nighttime rec. They’re kind of a little easier on me now, but some of the things I see—I still have officers and staff members who refer to me as a he, I get called a slur, and had an officer to tell me that he was not going to refer to me as a she or a miss or her, because “I am still a man of a man’s prison and I have a penis between my legs,” and when he told me, it just it hit me very, very hard, like I didn’t even know how to control my emotions. I literally walked across the day room and started crying.

And I don’t know, this is just- I don’t know why the Department of Justice, I feel like they need to investigate all their prisons and to find out why there’s so many problems, there’s so many issues. Like, I still have yet to see any kind of group therapy sessions for transgender [inaudible], and there’s especially the transgender community, like they don’t offer no services here at all. The only thing [inaudible] a counselor [inaudible], like why or what’s the deal here? They have other services for other people. It’s for heterosexual people, and there’s more services for them. But when it comes to us, it’s like, no, we’re putting you guys on the back burner, you guys are not important to us.

Recently have spoken to PREA coordinator for this facility. She has told me that they don’t know why allegedly that the makeup was removed off of our union supply enhanced commissary order. If there’s anybody out there that goes onto this website that would like to advocate for us in any way, shape or form, it would really be nice because we need advocates. The more advocates, the better. We can’t just do this by ourselves in here. A voice alone is not going to do anything.

If you want to reach out to me, you can write me letters all you want to. I would be more than happy to have somebody advocate for me and not just me but the community as well. We all deserve to be treated equally like any other person. My name is Roger King. My number is 250624. And you can reach me at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, Carlisle, IN, and the PO Box number is 1111, and it’s Carlisle, IN. The zip code is 47838.

Another way that you can reach out to me is send me text messages on our tablets that we have to, setup a free account, you have to purchase your electronic stamps, and you can send me text messages, just got to add yourself as a contact, and I will see that on my tablet. Anybody that are willing to correspond with me or connect with me, that would be so good. It would be a lot better to communicate with who actually understands. I appreciate everything that has been done for me, and I’d like to hear from somebody. Thank you.

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