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Krystal Clark

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Hi, my name is Krystal Denise Clark. My inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV. We call this the Valley of Death.

It’s – I know y’all been hearing me and hearing me over and over. It’s bad. This is terrible. The virus, this – like I’m saying, the COVID-19 is just going in this place. Every day, you look around, they taking people out, every – it’s terrible.

Like, I’m really, like, I don’t understand how is the warden running this prison without giving us nothing? Like, we gotta go – they – the people that have the COVID, they call them to med lines and take they meds. Ain’t no bleach or nothing, nothing being sprayed. Then we get called next, everybody has they masks off.

This is, this is badly. They is putting everybody at risk. I know they get money off of us. I – this is terrible. Like, we – it’s people got HIV. Not to be funny. Herpes. Hepatitis is going bad in this prison for us not to have the right stuff. People bleed – they bring older, these older people back with these diapers – feces laying all around, blood laying all around, and what we got to do, what we got to clean it with? Some fake, whatever you call this, Century, whatever it is, and then it’s gotta stay for 15 minutes? Everything they touching, we gotta touch? This is unstoppable. This is ridiculous. Like, the warden, he know about this, the deputies, all them know about this. Like, this is terrible.

And then you – these officers, that’s why they quitting. They getting tired, they getting tired of this stuff too. Like, they need – we all need help. But, like I said, this is crazy. It’s only about two nurses that really cared and they gone. Like, they dogged them out and get ones that treat us like crap. Update them. They treat us like worse – just terrible. Like, this remind me back in slave[ry] how they do us. This is crazy. And you wonder why nobody don’t wanna work here and why nobody ain’t helping us. ‘Cause they scared. They worrying about, like, okay, I’m doing my job but look what they – I’m getting in trouble, I’m getting rolled up because I’m doing the right thing. That’s why they gone, they leaving. Like, we don’t have – this is terrible.

And the proof is in the cameras. They can look at these cameras and see how they treat us and what we don’t have. They can look. So it’s no excuse that – everything I’m saying is the truth. And I get, like I said, they retaliate against me all the time. I wait, I get – I went to the heart specialist not too long ago. I supposed to been seen the doctor after this. I haven’t seen nobody. I need to probably have surgery [indiscernible]. No one is even going over stuff with me or nothing. I’m still swollen from head from toes, ears still leaking, running with ear infection. My face is still twist – I’m turning darker and darker. I’m still using this walker. It’s crazy in here. This is ridiculous. I didn’t come in here like this. I didn’t come here like this. This is sad. And then, when we try to get help, we get – they come after us. And when we speak up for ourself or tell someone, you should see how we get treated.

The world, please, someone. I know y’all been writing us, JPay-ing us. They been playing with the JPay, they’ve been playing with our mail. So if you haven’t heard back from me, that mean I haven’t received anything from you.

Lord, for the grace of God and Jesus Christ. That’s what keep me going. Like, I don’t know, if it weren’t for God, I wouldn’t – I don’t know if I’d wake up. I get to the point I can barely breathe, I sit up, sleeping.

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