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Kenjuan Congo Jr.

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My inmate number is NB7568. This is Kenjuan Congo Jr. calling from a prison camp behind enemy lines, and an objective of ours is justice for Eric Joseph.

Eric Joseph is also known as Rick by me and the many others that he mentors. Rick has been in prison for over 36 years for a crime he did not commit.

Rick was convicted to a life sentence in a trial presented by the effemishly biased judge Albert F. Sabo during the height of the tough on crime era. Judge Albert F. Sabo is a judge was famously known for sentencing the most people in the country to death row and life sentences through discriminatory, racist, and unlawful means.

Rick was allegedly one of three people in that robbery where someone got killed. The principal actor claimed Rick was with him in order to get a plea deal. That man is home. Rick is not. Controversial judge Sabo did not tell the jury Rick had witnesses who testified to the fact he was campaigned for state legislator Roxanne Jones during the time of the crime.

You see innocent people get exonerated all the time, but what you don’t see, are the many others who are not. Help us get an innocent man home, find his petition, and get others to join in.

This is Kenjuan Congo, Jr. calling from a prison camp behind enemy lines. All power to the people.

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