Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Crystal Clark my inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV, the valley of death.

When I say this is the valley of death, it is. This is sad. Like my life, like, I’ve been trying to deal with it for years, and for the last couple weeks I have been getting bad. I walk around here with a smile on my face, but it’s miserable. I’m just going through so much right now. I’ve been still sick. The Sergeant Price, thanks to him he called healthcare yesterday to get me over there. The doctor who was over there… this is so sad, this is so sad. My whole body is, like I said, I’m [inaudible], I’m leaking fluid, I can barely breathe, my throat gets full… [inaudible], whatever they say they is, they getting bigger… my chronic cough–this place is really killing me.

Like, we had another lady who passed. They covered it up, we just found out that. But I will be getting the young lady’s name. I get over there, the doctor see the stuff all that’s caked up, it’s all in my ears. The ear infection they found in my ear gets running. She see my face, I’m numb, I can’t feel nothing on my right side of my face. My eyes, I’m losing my eyesight. Like, she looked at me like, “Oh it’s nothing wrong, you’ve been dealing with this for a long time. Oh, you can deal with it. Like, just deal with it.” Just deal with it?! I was looking at her, like, but she like, “But today is my last day, so they’ll have something planned for you.”

The warden, I have been talking to him, he has been telling me lies and lies about my health. Like, he’s saying that I’m going to see somebody. I should’ve been went out. I can’t even really do my test for my heart because they haven’t sent me out. I have WPW–it’s a heart condition–they supposed to been sent me out to take the little test for it so I can get help on that. They haven’t… None of my appointments, I haven’t went out to the hospital, to the specialist.

They covering this up. They covering everything up because they don’t want people to know, but everybody is seeing it and then they get mad because I report it, and then they hear me out here and they come [inaudible]. I don’t even know how could even a staff or officer or the warden or the nurses–anybody–can get mad when they hear me when they know it’s the truth. Like if it don’t fit you, don’t worry about it. If it’s not you doing it, why is you so angry and y’all want to turn nose up me and do this [inaudible]? I’m messed up in here. Y’all know this place took me down, most of y’all admit! Like, “you don’t even look the same.”

I’m dying here. Like, literally, like it’s killing me. Like, my body, when I lay down you can just feel this stuff growing in my ears. My body–you can feel these knots. Like, when I walk now, I get this numbness, tingling. It’s terrible–my whole body–like, it’s terrible.

But for a doctor to sit up here and report that she don’t see nothing. She like “Oh, just give her some antibiotics.” And, I’m like, “I’ve been on so many antibiotics, it’s time to send me out.” Y’all sending everybody else out, why is it y’all won’t send me out? Ever since they thought that I was allergic to the mold and it’s been affecting me, they’ve been downplaying my health. They have been downplaying it. Like, I’m sitting here, I’m suffering, they have been downplaying a lot every time it comes to me. I’m asking her, “Aren’t you supposed to be a doctor? Like, she asks me what I want her to do, I said, “I want you to help me! And if you can’t, send me out!” Like, send me out. I’m on so much medicine, nothing’s working I just get worse and worse.

I want to make it out of here to see my kids! [Inaudible] so many of us dying in here, and then there’s gonna be a coverup, and nobody even talking about it. It go on, you die one day, and then its over with. Like, this is not right. Like, I’ve been… I’ve talked to everybody, they’ve just been lying to me. I need to get to a hospital. I’m tired of laying in this bed. I’m tired of walking with the side of my face and it in pain. Like, [inaudible]. I’m sick of this. Like I want back to being me, Krystal. I am not me. I haven’t been me in a long time, like I’m ready to be back, me.

Please, let’s make this start. Y’all, send me out! Let’s do one step at a time. They not even trying to do that. The nurse [inaudible]–I think that’s her name. The way how she treat me, I thought she cared about us. The way how she do with it, I’m looking at her like “You’ve been knowing my situation, won’t you tell, let the doctor know?” “Oh, I don’t see nothing neither.”

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.