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Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall

Medical homicide of prisoners is a regular occurrence in Pennsylvania’s State prison system. Medical homicide in prisons is largely caused by prison medical personnel’s inadequate medical treatment, non-medical treatment, mis-medical treatment, and intentional medical neglect of incarcerated citizens’ health concerns.

At SCI-Rockview, in Bellefonte, PA, there is on average three prisoners dying every week in its prison infirmary. There are 30 State prisons within the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC). It is estimated that there are about 5,000 prisoners dying every year from medical homicide within the PADOC under Wexford Corporation’s healthcare system.

Medical homicide of State prisoners is the PADOC’s best kept secret, largely because the PADOC does not keep record of Wexford Corporation’s healthcare treatment of prisoners, doesn’t require transparency of Wexford’s activities, and doesn’t require any accountability of Wexford’s trail of death of prisoners lives they’ve taken.

Two decades ago, the PADOC use to provide free heathcare to State prisoners under its custody, but in 1995, the PADOC began its unholy partnership with the private, for-profit healthcare giant Wexford Corporation. From that moment onward, prisoners have been subjected to sub-standard healthcare and cruel treatment, causing lethal conditions for prisoners. Prisoners went from receiving adequate universal healthcare to universal deathcare overnight, provided yours truly, Wexford Corporation and the PADOC.

Since then, Wexford has received PADOC contracts worth about $2 billion dollars in Pennsylvania’s tax-payers’ money, all courtesy of the PADOC.

The PADOC and Wexford do not “care” about the health or lives of prisoners; they only care about how to get filthy rich in America off the blood of others. The lives of prisoners are inconsequential in their quest for profits and power.

From the Belly of the Beast, this is Skakaboona.

Thank you listening.