Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Friends, comrades, Brothas & Sistas—

We are at a new phase of this struggle; due to your work, I am no longer on Death Row; I am on ‘slow death row.’

A new place, yes – but, more importantly, a new phase of the struggle for freedom.

The challenge before us is not to say that which is easy to say; it is to build the Movement that makes freedom not only possible – but inevitable.

This, I am convinced, we can do.

We have more than enough tools to reach and touch others; more than enough to build this Movement; more than enough to break free from the shackles and chains of legalized bondage.

Let us do so!

Join us! Build a Movement that shakes the earth!

Think about this. What the system has done isn’t about me.

It’s about you!

They want to destroy, weaken or scare you off. They want to stop you, from organizing, from building, from being.

That’s because you are all examples of Resistance.

You are all examples of the simple power of people saying, “No!”

Never underestimate that power!

So, say “no!” to the Death Penalty!

Say “No!” to Slow Death Row!

Say “No!” to the Prison Industrial Complex!

Back in September, I told you all that We Are the People!

We are the People that can roll back mass incarceration!

We are the people that can roll back the growth –and abolish—solitary confinement!

We are the People that can change the world as it is; to the world that we need to come into being!

Join us!

Build the Movement!

Ona Move! Long Live John Africa!

Long Live the Struggle to Bring Change!


Your brotha,