Prison Radio
Wilbert Sanders

Hi, this is Wilbert Sanders as Jazz the Poet, with a piece I’ll call “Politically Incorrect,” and I’m from FCI McKean.

Lately the so-called United States are heavily divided and tainted with hate. A deadly tension pollutes the air, creating a lethal and toxic atmosphere.

After the analyzation of racial relations throughout this extremely brutal nation, it’s obvious residents of today’s society are victims of moral bankruptcy. It’s evident the president is insufficient, [inaudible] to alleviate the predicament.

This is a period where aggression grows, hatred and hostility consistently flows. Government officials deliberately mislead us, leaving the masses with no one to trust. By hesitating to denounce white supremacy, Trump condoned acts of bigotry.

Since the start of his administration, there’s been intense investigation. I suppose in coverups and conspiracy, plus the losing refreshing enemies. The blind can see Trump is unfit or inadequate for a future in politics. Members of his cabinet are constantly fighting because of his rhetoric and vicious backbiting. Trump is vindictive with a cold heart, and in time he’ll tear this country apart. Thank you.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.