Prison Radio
Wilbert Sanders

“Crucial Times.”

We reside inside a peculiar nation plagued by dark clouds of separation, overloaded from policies and restrictions deliberately causing disarray and confliction. Numerous walls are efficiently erected and showing the privilege remain protected while others are plainly neglected. Masses are judged by shade of skin instead of character deep within.

Convincing me- convincing me there’ll never be a true sense of balance or democracy. Majority of officials in government are conniving bureaucrats with bad intent, owners of egos larger than life, and forces of misery, hardship, and strife. Seriously lacking honor and integrity or agendas of uplifting society. Some has changed from decades before; we’re not home out of [inaudible] anymore.

Just stigmatized as underclass citizens because of our culture or religion. Death by black continues to increase thanks to corrupt and racist police. Even when videos prove that police did it, uniform murderers are still acquitted, leaving a families crushed with frustration inside this unjust and peculiar nation.

Thank you.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.