Prison Radio
Wilbert Sanders

This is Wilbert Sanders, also known as Jazz the Poet with one I called “Don’t Get Trapped.”

Since music calms the savage beast, let’s compose a song with lyrics so strong, violence actually comes to a cease. Or begin producing conscious poetry capable of elevating man’s mentality, causing civilians to care and share instead of hiding behind a mask of fear.

The fall, the devastation, in this nation directed toward the younger generation. In many states, mothers are crying as a result of loved one’s dying. There’s a rise of murder and homicide, plus prisons are overcrowded inside. Somehow our youth must be saved but being trapped and premature graves.

Street hustling has gained popularity and most cities and urban communities. Although some find financial success, most are trapped in a world of emptiness after recklessly subjecting themselves into multiple years of concrete cells. Others are being violently slain, leaving families distress and emotional pain.

On a daily basis, I conversate with men unable to win their freedom again. Usually it involves one bad deal to be arrested or possibly killed, so don’t sell yourself short, becoming a victim trapped in court. This isn’t intended as disrespect. I’m trying to stimulate your intellect. Reverse the curse of mass incarceration, engage yourself in higher education.

Thank you.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.