Prison Radio
Wilbert Sanders

Hi, this is Wilbert Sanders, as Jazz the Poet, with a piece I call “Organized Crime.”

After reviewing the situation of race relations within and out this complex nation, the disenfranchised hold United States guilty of conspiracy and systematic hate, initiated a war and confusion using corrupt government as an illusion, dropping bombs with drones rom overhead leaving many innocent people dead, inflicted major crimes against humanity forcing multitudes into destitution and poverty.

The casualties don’t end overseas. Millions are victimized in this country. Lives are continuously snuffed short due to inadequate process in courts. Constitutional laws are ignored and violated causing numerous amounts incarcerated, human livestock locked in a cage, warehoused until death or overage, suffering from a lack of medication, isolation, abuse, and misrepresentation. As it stands, it’s them against us, stuck in the land devoid of justice. Let’s not forget about the deceased eliminated by a trigger happy police. This isn’t how life should be, but right now it’s my reality.

Thank you. That was Wilbert Sanders out of SCI McCain in Bradford, PA. Thank you very much.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.