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Antoine “Indy” Walker

How is everybody doing? This is Antoine VK “Indy,” calling out at Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, currently incarcerated at SCI [State Correctional Institution] Greene. I’m speaking out today on behalf of my fiance, who’s inside also. She wants me to spread word about the campaign. So, I’m just gonna read, word for word, what she wanted me to spread out there for y’all.

“My name is Nichole Monique Quinones Walker. I’m the wife of my husband Antoine Walker. I have an Instagram campaign called S.T.R.I.P. #JusticeForNichole. The acronym S.T.R.I.P. stands for Stopping Trans Rape In Prison. I’m a trans woman housed in an all-male facility in Pennsylvania. In 2021, while housed at SCI Albion, here in Pennsylvania, I was groped, stalked, and sexually harassed by several different male inmates, by someone who gaslit me into believing he was a friend, in which he violently took advantage of the situation.

After I reported the first set of personal violations and being left on the housing unit with the men who were grabbing my behind, flashing me, trying to pull me into the closet with them and a number of other perverse, very unwanted acts, I suffered the rapes in silence because the administrative staff at SCI Albion couldn’t have cared less. They took absolutely no proactive measures to minimize or prevent the likelihood of those things happening to me. And then, after months of being raped and threatened with a razor to my neck while he raped me, I finally reported it, only to be blamed by the very people responsible for protecting me. After losing my parole, my custody level, and my job as – well as being written up for reporting the rapes -I took serious measures to end my life. I spent four days in the medical ICU at UPMC [University of Pittsburgh Medical Center] Hamot Hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania.

I have a 25-page civil complaint filed against those responsible in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. The caption of that case is Nichole Monique Quinones, “and just a side note Nichole spelt with an H so it’s N-I-C-H-O-L-E,” versus Roni Wood Erwin. Docket number – the civil action number for that is 1:23-CV-00031. I am currently awaiting Magistrate Judge Richard A. Lanzillo to make a decision on summary judgment to see if and when my case will be – will proceed to trial. I’m asking any and all to support my campaign, not only to assist me, but to prevent this from happening to anyone else. My husband and I, we fight the injustices against marginalized, incarcerated individuals like ourselves. My complaint can be viewed on the United States District Court documents website and I will also post it on my Instagram. Any form of assistance, advice, and support is welcome. We appreciate your support. #S.T.R.I.P., #STRIP, #JusticeForNichole, #AntoineIndyWalker, #NicholeQuinones.” 

I appreciate y’all listening. And, also, if y’all want to reach out to her direct, her inmate number will be DL1755. You might have to search under her commitment name, which would be Shawn, S-H-A-W-N, Shannon, S-H-A-N-N-O-N, Quinones. Any assistance in that matter is definitely welcome. Thanks for y’all time.

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