Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Clark. I’m in WHC. My number is 435064.

The prison of death, this is the valley of death. They are killing us. We getting harassed by calling the radio station, a lot of us can’t call no more. I know y’all probably familiar with Kima Hill. They got her locked up.

We all know what’s going on, it’s a lot going on right now, but we are sick. They got a scabies outbreak now. They locking people up for scabies is one around. This place is nasty, filthy, and terrible. I tried to talk to the warden about my health, about everything. He did not talking to me, cause he told me to write grievance and everything, so I’m getting discriminated in and retaliated due to a lawsuit I’m on and I’m writing him up, so they retaliated.

I saw the doctor I think about a week ago. My bacterias, my respiratory is not going away. They are my lungs. They not going away. They start me on more and more antibiotics. I beg to get sent to the hospital because I’m not doing good at all. It’s Doctor Strudeham. They call her- One of the bacteria, E. Coli, for a whole year straight, I’ve been testing positive for it. They still won’t send me out. I’m bringing up blood clots, short of breath, I’m short of breath right now, hot flashes, swole. They looking at me and I’m changing day after day and no one is doing nothing.

We just getting harassed and retaliate. Every day you getting harass by officers talking about, “We hear you on the radio station. Is y’all telling on me.” Yes, we got some of the men treating us like trash, like James Hill, what he did to me, that man got in my face, almost pushed me to a wall and didn’t get in trouble. He’s yelling at me and everything. I was fighting to even say this on air, but I’m not fighting no more because God is with me, is with us.

This is terrible. They covered it up. Soon as I read that all our grievances coming up missing, we don’t got no paperwork. They taking it from us, tearing it up. They never received it. The food still have bugs, and they run out of food. The kitchen is so trifling and nasty, and the water we drinking got green stuff around and come out brown. I had a bacteria due to the contaminated water too.

I’m sorry, excuse me, but it’s ridiculous. I had this clot for years, and it’s not going away. The doctor told me he keeps on telling me here, he said if I don’t get out of here, I’m never going to heal. It’s the warden, he won’t listen. He just- this is terrible. They just letting us die in here. And then, you look around, we getting a scabies outbreak and no one is doing nothing. This should have been handled. This should have been taken care of. This place is ridiculous.

And I know that they listen to all my calls. I know it’d be some common harass and retaliating against me, but I don’t care. This is crazy. Like the girl, Kima Hill, she was calling the radio station, now you know they pick on her and harass her about it. So we hope she’s doing okay because she’s sick and they locked her up the other day.

We just got the older people that’s sick in the infirmary. They not really getting taken care of. I was back there for months. They treat them people like trash. There’s feces everywhere. I got sick over there. They need help. We need help in here. We need help. This is crazy. I got [inaudible] outside of my throat that they denied my surgery.

Everything when it comes to me, it’s getting denied. What I’m hearing is, “Oh, you the reason [inaudible],” that’s all they talk about like they mad at me. We wouldn’t have to start a lawsuit if y’all helped us. Like y’all just letting us go down and dying. We just had a death not too long ago. Again, I don’t want to be that one. I just need help. I’m just asking for help. I just need to get some help. They not helping us. They won’t help us.

It’s just antibiotics, antibiotics, antibiotics, and medication, medication. Nothing is working. Don’t you think I need to be in a hospital by now. I told the doctor, she yelled, “Oh, we not talking about that. I don’t want to hear it.” I’m telling this doctor look at this blood clot I’m spitting up. I’m bringing up all this stuff and barely can make hold food down and make bowel movements and don’t nobody care? I got to sit in my room and cry and sleep sometimes. Enough, this is ridiculous. This is ridiculous. Like we need help.

And I want to tell a lot of y’all our JPays, we not getting JPays. We had people writing us due to the radio station. We’re not getting any of them JPays. We barely getting them. Most of the ladies be not getting them. And this is wrong. This is wrong. They messing with my mail coming in and we’re not getting it. This is ridiculous. If we do get help and somebody reaching out to us, we wouldn’t know, because they not giving it to us. Like this is sad.

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