Prison Radio
Eddie Treadwell

This is Mr. Eddie Treadwell calling from Alger Correctional Facility. if you have any questions, you contact me at

I have a piece trying to establish a type of GoFundMe so I can create some funds to gather some legal assistance. I am pleading for donations for investigative legal assistance, man dying from unjust sentence. I am seeking donations for a disproportionate sentence imposed on me by the Michigan court system which was an injustice due to the circumstances in regard to the case.

I was standing my own ground when three individuals tried to kill me after robbing and killing my brother, Cortez Treadwell. One of the perpetrators in this offense. I was charged with first degree murder. My brother, Cortez Treadwell, was robbed and killed in the city of Detroit by Mr. Houston on my porch in broad daylight while my grandmother, rest her soul, was calling 911, she stated that my brother was gasping for air with blood coming out of his mouth.

Now Mr. Houston and two other men approached me several months later, crowding my house with guns trying to kill me as well, stating, “I am going to kill you like I killed your brother.” This was a statement from Mr. Houston before he hit me in the head with a gun, leading me toward an old garage with two individuals pushing me from behind with what felt like a gun.

The jury heard these facts, and I was also convicted of involuntary manslaughter from a charge of first degree murder. I was charged with first degree murder. Manslaughter is a killing in deceit fashion, a fifteen year maximum sentence here in Michigan. I received a fifty to seventy five year sentence due to, I was a habitual offender with three prior low severity felonies without any of them indicating a tendency of violence.

Many hearts have been broken, and many lives destroyed and taken due to the violence that seems to be prevalent within our communities–and a strong disregard for human life. See, this widespread hopelessness breeds a cold hearted mean spirited individual who sees the world as a place to inflict mayhem in the community. The youth within our inner cities have lost their way, and the prison system is a graveyard awaiting their arrival. Some of us are victims of other people’s statements such as myself, however, everyone must be responsible for their own actions including me.

I have some relevant legal issues in my case that, if presented to the courts, would provide me with a great chance to be released from prison, so if you could find it in your heart to assist me with any donations, it would be well appreciated, sincerely Mr. Eddie Treadwell, 205017, Alger Correctional Facility. You can also email me at

Thank you, and have a wonderful day.