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Kenjuan Congo Jr.

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My inmate number is NB7568, and I’m calling from SCI Chester. The title of this piece is called “Shaka Natambu.” This is Kenjuan Congo Jr. from the belly of the beast.

Marvin Pete Walker Jr. is also known as Shaka Natambu. Shaka has spent his entire adult life on death row in San Quentin state prison. Shaka was charged with murder when he was only 19 years old.

Throughout the whole trial, the judge had him shackled. The prosecutor used perjured testimony from a jailhouse informant. The police encouraged several witnesses to change and contradict their original statement. This testimony was then used to convince the jury to convict Shaka. In 1980, an all-white jury sentenced him to death.

A federal court overturned Shakur’s conviction in July 2000 because their original prosecutor had removed African-Americans from the jury. Removing jurors based on race is a clear violation of the United States Constitution. The federal court required that he be retried or released.

Sadly, Shaka remains on San Quentin’s death row awaiting retrial motions and hearings. Although he is not convicted of any crime. At age 62, Shaka has spent 42 years on death row. Prison Radio is taking action. You can too. For more information on Marvin Walker, Jr. also known as Shaka Natambu, visit

This is Kenjuan Congo, Jr. from the belly of the beast. Thank you all. All power to the people.

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