Prison Radio
Kenjuan Congo Jr.

The title of this piece is “The London Police.” This is Kenjuan Tango Jr. calling from a prison camp behind enemy lines.

I want to talk to you all about the London police. A report released on August 8, 2022 details how the London Police strip search 650 mostly Black youth in a two year period. This investigation followed widespread outrage over the case of a 15 year old girl who was strip searched after she was wrongly suspected of carrying cannabis at her London school. A strip search happened without another adult being present, and despite knowing that the 15 year old child was menstruating, and their parents were not notified.

This investigation that was launched afterwards details how in almost a quarter of the cases, an appropriate adult was not present during the search that they require under statutuory guideline. It also highlights children, ages 10 to 17, who have been subjected to strip searches in 2018, were Black 75% of the time.

The majority searches yielded no further action. That shows how unsuccessful these unjustified searches were. The London Police operate outside of the law and they’re state sanctioned child abuse. This report provides evidence of racist and discriminatory policing while dehumanizing Black children. For more on this report, go to

I support the people, the organizations that are fighting to put an end to all of the injustices perpetuated by the United Kingdom. This is Kenjuan Congo Jr. calling from a prison camp behind enemy lines. Thank y’all. All power to the people.

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