Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

It’s a fact that the U.S. is an Ahistorical society. If we go more than 20 minutes down time’s road, most Americans will have forgotten all; in a few weeks; a month?

Forget it.

Americans long for the new, best thing. And truth be told, what passes for history these days are usually lies. Y’know, about freedom-loving ‘Founding Fathers’, and so forth. Truth? Almost all of them were wealthy slaveholders. It’s hard to even say, ‘Freedom’ when you own other people.

Let’s go back, but not so far. August 8th, 1978. That’s the last date that MOVE sisters Debby Sims Africa, Janine Phillips Africa and Janet Holloway Africa saw freedom. That’s the date Philly cops attacked MOVE’s house in West Philadelphia, and again, truth: they shot one of their own – and charged 9 MOVE men and women with murder.

Yet how do you murder someone, shoot someone, without using, or even charging them with possessing a weapon?

For 38 years, the MOVE sisters have been wondering about the same thing.

Truth: They were prosecuted for being MOVE members.

They were convicted for being MOVE members.

They have repeatedly been denied parole –for being MOVE members.

The struggle for their long-denied freedom is heating up, as more and more people learn about their unjust plight.

These beautiful, thoughtful women are model prisoners.

They help other women at Cambridge Springs ‘Correctional’ Institution navigate the horrors of imprisonment.

It is criminal that they’ve been in prison for one day, much less 38 years!