Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Clark from in WHV, the valley of death.

We need all our recorders, we need to get out to get somebody to get out- This is sadness. They blocked some of calls from the radio station because we can’t call the radio station, can’t call. This is ridiculous.

The doctor told my bunkie a couple of days ago it’s nothing he can do for me until I get out of here, so I’m supposed to sit here and suffer. He said it’s nothing gonna work for me. I got to get home, sir? [inaudible] My body is so rashy, funky, high, headaches, memory loss, nosebleeds, everything you can name. I can’t even really eat. I’m trying to think, bear with me, I’m trying to think cause I’m trying to talk so fast so I can get y’all to know everything. Shortness of breath, my heart, everything.

I just wanted to let y’all know it’s a lot going on here, and I know every time I call and I talk and we talked, they listened to it because they came, when I was talking about the water, they came acting like they fixing the water, when I’m talking about stuff, they acting like they fixing it. It’s a cover-up. How do you watch this? We have wrote you plenty of times. I have wrote you myself.

And if you hearing this and you know somebody, we need help. Older people sick. You won’t let them go home. It’s been 30-40 years, but they still going to do nothing. Y’all not treating their health for nothing. Y’all gonna make these people sit here and suffer and die? This lady walking around with her legs all bruised up, rashing, running all red throughout her body, y’all just let her walk around like this? These people live in feces cause they won’t change they diapers and we got to go after them in the bathroom, blood everywhere. They can’t help themselves. They’re not trying to help none of them.

The warden, he need to do his job. He need to stop acting like he here and he not caring about anything. We are getting penalized. The warden ain’t doing nothing. You ain’t got these officers, man, they done tired from work, don’t nobody want to work here. They tired. Don’t nobody want to work here. This place is terrible. Like it’s affecting them too? Like it’s crazy. These [inaudible] sleeping in they car because they getting mandated a lot too.

We need help, and I’m tired- I said the same thing over and over. Nothing is changing, and no one is doing it y’all. Y’all, listen to the call, acting like y’all doing something. Nothing is being done. Tear the place down, get us some help, spend the money that you get, y’all make a whole bunch of money off of us, spend the money that you’re getting on us. We really have nothing. Give us some fresh water. If you don’t want to fix the water fountain, then get us some bottled water or give me my pop credit that y’all had for several months and let us buy our own.

Retaliation already has been done. Whatever happens to me, whatever happened, I’m tired. It feel like I’m going to lose my life in here because they playing with my life. My life is in danger in this place. This is terrible, so terrible. They don’t care about us. And man, this lady told me to go kill myself and what she was going to do to me, like she was going to hurt me. That play on my mind. You told me [inaudible]. They are lying.

I got to talk about lawyers in this, and let us say thank you to David and his whole team and everybody working. Thank you, David. We love you, and we appreciate everything y’all do whatever- no matter what happened, we do really appreciate y’all, but this is terrible.

People are scared to talk because they don’t have families to stand up and report and stand up for them to call up here, so that’s why they scared to talk because the system scare ’em. Well, let me say something. I have a good family out there, and they’re not afraid to stand up for me.

They want to speak out because it’s so much harassing, but now enough is enough, man. So we just want to say thank you, thank all y’all for answering our call, thank y’all for the letters. If we didn’t get your mail, y’all know why, but we really appreciate you, and we appreciate the lawyers, everybody, everybody, but we need help.

It’s something else gotta be done in here. Well, thank y’all so much. Thank you. Thank you, thank you so much. Keep us in your prayers. This is sad. I want to break down. I’m sad. I’m so tired. I don’t think I got no more tears in me. I cry every day. This is crazy.

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