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Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall

“To Free or Not to Free: Alveda King: 90, Black celebrities: 0” by Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall.

When Reverend Alveda King, the Atlanta pastor and niece of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. met with President Trump at the White House in August, she brought and submitted a list of more than 90 names of federal incarcerated persons that she was advocating to be set free by presidential pardon.

King’s pardon list was compiled with the help of her goddaughter Angela Stanton, an Atlanta-based author and reality show actress who served time herself in federal prison for being involved in a car theft ring.

Reverend Alveda King and Angela Stanton are prime examples of practicing what you preach. They are proactively seeking to use the presidential pardon to free some captive Black men and women from federal prisons now who will otherwise die in federal prison from death by incarceration sentences later, while also seeking to overhaul the criminal justice system completely. Hallelujah.

Now contrast Reverend Alveda King’s presidential pardon lists with Black celebrity athletes and what do you got? You got nothing, nada, zilch, zero. That’s because Black celebrity athletes has not produced a presidential pardon list, has not created policies or introduce bills to Congress to end mass incarceration, nor have they met with top advisors in the White House to discuss the complete overhaul of the criminal justice system to end mass incarceration.

As the score now stands: Alveda King: 90, Black celebrity athletes: 0.

From the belly of the beast at Prison Radio, I am Shakaboona. Thank you for listening.

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