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Krystal Clark
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Hi my name is Krystal Clark, inmate number 435064, in WHV, the Valley of Death. Like I say, they are killing us in here, I said and I’m not going to stop saying it. This is terrible.

Like this is so sad that I’m just sitting here, just suffering, and they not doing anything about it but just playing games and lying to me about my health and telling me I’m going out on a med run, don’t go on med run. Lying and saying I’ve denied my health, DX said they gon give me treatment, antibiotic, um, antibiotics. Doctor Ellis, he a new doctor, he’s just been coming in because he listened to what they’re saying and they are playing games with my health. So I redid the test, I redid the test so we gon see what’s going on now. They, it should not been no way I had to redo the test when it came back. I’ve been testing for the same bacterias since 2021.

Like this is, this is ridiculous. Like to me they just like ready, just waiting on me to die and others. Like this stuff is slowly killing me. You went- you had me going to see all kind of doctors, all kinds of tests that I’ve been doing and y’all know what it is, it’s this place, it’s this mold, I’m highly allergic to it. It’s killing me! Y’all got these inmates in here scrubbing, they got them in there scrubbing it, and it’s affecting me, affecting me. Like I’m tired. Excuse me, I’m just tired. Like I don’t do nothing to them, that for them to treat me like this. Every time I report anything, they talk about it like, why you always tell us that, that’s not gonna make us do this, not gonna make us do that. Let the world know what y’all doing. This is wrong! So if something happens to me, my grandkids, my kids, and my family will know that the prison killed me.

Like this is wrong, like this is so wrong like this is, um, I don’t even know. This is torture, like this is crazy. Like I should have been had my treatments. I should have been- my ear is still closed up, no hearing, full of this fungus due to this mold. My throat these [inaudible], they said one, they still ain’t took me out there for that the [inaudible] and I’m just over this, like this, my whole body is swoll, like the head and toes is swoll. I’ve been suffering, when I lay down you can feel like in my head like oh my god, oh my god world. Like the headaches, like like the infection going through my brains or something. I still have these nosebleeds and everything like and nothing changed. Everything is just getting worse and worse worse, and they not even caring like the guards just sitting up here laughing in my face. Like they gon hold me in there when it’s time for that day, I’m not gonna call out. I’m not getting help, but then when I run into him it’s another excuse, another lie lie lie lie. This is unacceptable. This is wrong.

We need to do background checks on these doctors and stuff. This is terrible, nurses, all of them. Like the Director Jones you’ve been telling me this before you was the director. You know, you you’re very aware about my health and you still playing games about it? Like I told them y’all gonna be answering to a judge, I’m gonna be prosecuting, something happened to me. This is wrong. Y’all need to lose your licenses and be behind bars, like enough is enough! We’re sitting around here suffering, like this is crazy! How we live in our seats and everything gets clogged up, we live, this place this ridiculous nasty. All them, mostly every last bacteria I had, due to this place. You look up, it’s due to this place and they still downplaying it. Like it’s never there. Oh, oh, okay, we got to do some research, it might have to live in your body. What you mean? Without treating it? It’s just, this stuff, the mold, it’s killing us. Like I’m not lying every time I drink this water, but I have no choice, it feel like, stuff is crawling in my stomach like monsters, I’m not lying, the stuff is crawling. Like this is sad! This is wrong! This is so wrong, like I don’t, I just don’t know what to do no more like I’m tired of this like I’m sick of it. Like somebody needs to come in here and see what they are doing.

Like y’all trying to give us some goal to mop, having us scrub and clean it like like we supposed to be all geeky haha and tricking us to clean and scrub and give us a goal to mop to stay after hours. Well no! We scrubbing this stuff, this stuff is getting into lungs and our system, what about that? They had, they got us fooled in here. Like oh, we’re doing, oh we’re doing a good job. Yeah we’re doing a job by slaving and covering y’all so when inspections come here it look like ain’t nothing wrong. I catch on real quick what they’re doing in here. They got these units by units, scrubbing and cleaning so when they do their inspection, it help them. It don’t help us! It get in our system, it’s in our everything. This is terrible! Like, I’m, I’m tired! This is, this is not right. Like this is not right. Then the doctor, he think I’m fooling like I haven’t been working in a long time because it is hard for me. He want me to do things that he knows I can’t do so it can look like nothing is wrong with me. Like, like, they got, they got food- This is wrong! You try and force me to do something I can’t do and you not treating, and you not helping me. Like this is wrong. I’m upset, I’m really upset. Like I’m real hurt that y’all can sit up there and be doctors, and look at someone that you know is sick and don’t help us. Like just letting us die, like just letting it slowly killing us, just died, you here, next minute you’re here, next minute you’re gone. I don’t want that for me, I don’t want that for nobody. Like this is crazy. This is un- this is like I said, this is unacceptable. This is crazy y’all.

We need to come in, they, they talking about they testing water, they come in here and look at this stuff, and brown stuff and all this stuff in these pipes and this is wrong. This is wrong. Like they’ve just been lying. I just wanted to update, update and let y’all know like this is, this is enough. Then I read, like I said, I want for the [inaudible]. Every time I try to do what I’m supposed to do I just shut down on that. Like they don’t even want me to do that. Like this, I don’t know but this is wrong. I have to get out this place before this place kills me for real. I’m telling y’all, like I fear for my life in here. And they are on some grimy stuff, and if something do happen to me, y’all don’t hear from me, it’s this prison. I’m not stupid, this warden, all of them, something is crooked in here. Like we need some help. We need some help. I just want to let y’all know I’m not good, I’m not doing good at all. I’m trying to stay focused, still trying to do stuff so I won’t. I’m so tired, I had to, you know, make myself get up and do things, you know to stay focused like you don’t get [inaudible] it’s dark, it’s later, it’s dark like they won’t be food. This is so wrong. One day at a time guys? do you know I’ve been waiting for years. don’t feel bad trying to help me, you feel? telling me it’s bullcrap every day, or every time yall see me, I run to yall, y’all keep telling me it’s bullcrap. I’m sad, I’m sad and suffering. This is not right. people suffer, [inaudible], like this is wrong! This is so wrong.

So anybody out there listening, like, the government, please? Heidi Washington too, y’all need to please come in here and do research, not just listen to the warden. Y’all need to listen to us, and talk to us because there’s a lot going on. It’s a lot of life that’s been, that’s gone that could have been saved, like I don’t want to be one of those people. Like please help us in here. And all these people doing this they don’t have no- no family support. So they do what they can to try to survive. This is wrong. This is wrong, this hurts my heart. This is wrong. Like everything like I wish y’all could be in the room with these doctors, like they just-they’re trying to downplay everything. Like everything. Like I don’t even know what to do no more like I’m just tired. They want me to shut up. I’m not gonna shut up, so you might as well start helping us.

Tear this place down, this place isn’t even supposed to be open. Y’all acting like y’all working on it. Everything y’all fix, ten other things come- break down. Like come on now! We’re trying not have to live in feces or running dookie water and blood and all this stuff. We shouldn’t have to live like this. But nobody wanna help, they’re in there taking these people. We got a bad Tylenol on the store. We can’t even afford store. I went up on my store again. You tell us we in pain, we got to sit here and suffer because they said we got to spend our own money on bad pain medication. They took our pain medication, [inaudible], this is ridiculous!

We can barely survive in here. Like this is wrong. This is wrong. But I had, I had to call. I just had to let y’all know what’s going on, this is unacceptable. Like my whole body, like is like, so pain and it’s burning and numb, on fire. Like it’s just, good lord, I don’t know. It’s just worse and worse. Like I say, this is torture and they getting away with it. They’re getting away with this stuff. Ain’t nothing happened in the 13 years I’ve been here. They see it, they used to tell them, I’m telling on them. They say nothing’s gonna happen, do what you gotta do. Like this is ridiculous! This is sad!

But this Doctor Ellis I’m thinking that you gon help it and he gon help me like you know. He see like, oh looking at me like oh, yeah, and then just lied to me! It’s like this is wrong. Like Director Jones, I’m tired of you trying to cover your stuff. You tell me one thing about my health, but you scared to speak out. You need to speak out before I be dead and you’ll be embarrassed. Like you need to speak out. Like this is wrong. You’re just sitting up there letting us suffer like this. Like this is so wrong. this is bull, I don’t know, I don’t know what no more to say. I just know that we really need some help in here. And I’m not gonna be scared to speak out! I’m gonna stay speaking out. So whatever happens, and if something happened to me, y’all know the warden and his people did it in this place. Like it’s bad.

I’m not, I’m not gonna not, I’m gonna, I have to tell y’all what’s going on. It’s a lot of cryptic stuff going on here. Where’s our money gone? That’s what I would like to know! Where’s all this money going? And we’re living like this! Where’s the money going? They get a lot of money for us, we should not have to be living like this! We should not even have to be seeking- can’t get pain medicine and can’t get help and y’all get so much money. Y’all hiring these, these doctors that, that come in and do anything for y’all as long as they get paid. For they ain’t got the right doctors that care about us, good good doctors. They got these ones that they hiring up under the tables and coming here and then give them what they want, and dog us and let us die. That’s what’s going on with these nurses and doctors. They got these crooked ones. We need some real people.

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