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Mumia Abu-Jamal

With the rise of the Trump Presidency, few events were more remarkable than the 2017 white nationalist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Here we saw the naked face of white hatred, fear and anxiety, seemingly inspired by a presidency brought lately into being. In part, by the false claim that the nations’s first Black president wasn’t born in the U.S.

Who could guess that less than four years later, another white riot would erupt, this time at the nations’s Capitol, the halls of Congress, where yet another false claim, that of a stolen election, would provide the spark to a flame of insurrection?

These two furious events form bookends of time, a four-year period of a presidential term, marking malice unleashed by Trump.

They also provide insight into white entitlement, the deep-seated belief that public space is white space.

They attacked the Capitol in the light of day, shattering windows and crashing through doors. They beat cops like drums; whipped them with sticks, stolen batons and flagpoles; and dragged them down steps.

And did so on camera!

One cop who was later interviewed and said he was being assaulted at the Capitol by protesters who said they liked and supported police, especially during summer conflicts with groups like Black Lives Matter. The cop remarked that many of the Capitol protesters suffered from “cognitive dissonance!”

But, guess what? Among those attacking Congress were active duty and retired cops!

From across America!


Trump played the role of America’s Caligula.

The Roman Emperor, (37-41 AD). Vain, petty, cruel, egotistic, mean, who strived to humiliate Roman Senators, who hated those who would not worship him, ruled for 4 years, until his armed guards dispatched him.

King Trump waged war against Congress, and earned himself his second impeachment for “incitement to insurrection.”