Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

My inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV, the valley of death.

When I say this is the valley of death, we are suffering in here. We just lost another lady last night in here. She could have been saved. This lady been asking for help. They hid her in the infirmary, had her in there Friday. She couldn’t breathe. They left her in a room, didn’t give her no oxygen, didn’t give her anything. Last night, yesterday, she’s gone, and it hurt my heart because I’m sitting here suffering with the same thing this lady had and was gone through and no one even cares. This is no joke. When I really say this the valley of death, this is the valley of death.

We just been up here, sick as- everyone is just sick, and we got to deal with it. We got to handle it ourselves and get up and keep on going like nothing is wrong with us dying. We dropping dead. These older people is walking out here, sore, leg, bruised up, puss, everything coming out, infections, and nothing is being done. I tried to talk to the wardens about my health and about others. I got shut down by deputy Allen. She told me all I do- I’m talking about the same thing. It’s my health, ma’am! I’m not getting help. What, do you want me to die?

I’m fearful for my life, like this lady lost her life. I fear that that’s going to be me, like it’s nothing, nothing being serious. The doctors not doing a job or they part. They say there’s so much wrong, no one is doing nothing, telling me I gotta get out of here to survive, and I’m not I’m gonna go make it unless I get out of here? This is terrible, why I try to talk, I’ve been getting retaliated, harassed by one page, got shut down by the officer, try to make me see that I’m sick. I got a detail for my health, my shoes, everything. This lady tried to send me, shake me down, they shake nobody else down. It’s all retaliation. Then they throw up about this radio station, everything, the radio station that I’m on, and I report everything. I’m tired of hearing it.

Yes, I’m going to continue on. This is the government. She stood up there- What’s she doing? She’s not doing nothing for us! She’s letting us sit here and suffer. Have a walk through here, they make sure everything gets all cleaned up and make it look good and inmates may do it because they fear, they scared, so when they come through here, everything brushed up and cleaned up because they have sprayed over, paint over, and everything. We need help here. We are dying. We are sick here. I’m so sick of reporting the same thing and nothing has happened. The government is- I feel like she should begin trials for this because y’all sitting up there letting people die. Y’all sitting up here letting us suffer.

Your officers every day catch an attitude because they so frustrated and they take it out on us because they don’t really- like this need to stop. The food is terrible. They have bugs in the food, they not changing they gloves, they touching on everything, people are getting sick. Why do they come in here and do this water- this water is making us sick. I had a bacteria from this water, so they find out where it came from, oh they’re gonna say- got me on so many antibiotics, so much medication. I’m just so sick, and I’m trying to talk fast, my heart is so hurting for these ladies. The older lady kept asking where she gonna go home, like the lady was wanting to go home. Let these people go! These people been here for 30 years. What more they gonna do? Let them go home! You don’t know have the right health, you don’t have the right medical, you don’t have food to feed them, you run out of medication, let these people go home!

Like this is this is unacceptable. This is unbelievable. Like I couldn’t believe because I haven’t been seeing the lady, because she always speaks with me. I always tried to talk to her … I’m so emotional right now, because they could have helped her. They should’ve sent her to a hospital. Y’all could’ve sent her to a hospital. Look at me. I’m swoled up like this, still going on, still running here since they just giving me antibiotics.

It’s time to do the right thing. We don’t get treated like how other people get treated. We get treated like inmates. Enough is enough! And then next minute, I get shook down, I get harassed, the warden won’t hear me, won’t nobody- the doctors retaliate saying, “Oh nothing we can do. We told you.” I’m still a prisoner, y’all focus on the health. How many how many women it gonna take to lose they lives and they could’ve been saved? it could have been saved. When y’all take it serious? Shut this place down. God knows it’s not safe for us to stay here. Shut it down. This is sad. There’s so many officers, its nurses, and they say they fed up with it. It’s ridiculous.

The cleaning stuff [inaudible] you breaking the mold out, I’m highly allergic to it, you spread it out, you put it in the air, and it’s not good. I barely can breathe. I had to sleep sometimes stood up because I had to sit up. I have had a cold because I had to sit up. My face still ain’t heal, like this is sad. This is sad. Don’t nobody work here. Every time they come in to work, they quit. They are frustrated, they taking stuff home, they get sick. The warden knows, the governor, they know they have to be ashamed of they self. They should be charged, and they know they wrong.

This is terrible [inaudible] nobody to help here. Y’all really have nobody. You all packed up on COVID-19. It’s like already outbreak in the prison, like if this is insufferable, like I’m really fearful my life. I try to put a smile on my face and walk around here because I don’t want to be like that lady, and then just drop dead because I’ve been fighting for help, not just for me, for everybody? And I get to harassed and all that because of this? No, shut this place down. Let these people go.

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