Prison Radio
Torrey Braxton

Hello everybody, it’s me once again, Torrey Braxton, currently incarcerated in the Michigan Department of Corrections, inmate number 313197.

I’ve been going to the Law Library relentlessly trying to figure out how to appeal my parole board decision. They gave me a 12 month flop off of false information. I don’t really truly believe this, like anything the viewers or listeners can do right now, but if anybody in the state of Michigan, any legal beagles who happens to be listening to this message I’m sending, if anybody know the proper way to appeal the parole board decision or if anybody can send me the proper information on exactly what to do, that is exactly what I need. You know what I’m saying, because I could show and prove I was flopped on false information, which is not good. So I can use a little bit of help on that. I’ve been going to the Law Library trying to figure out- because I’m supposed to get out at the end of the year in December.

But I’m trying to figure out how do you start a successful nonprofit organization or a for-profit organization. I need information on both of them. I’m gearing up and I need all this information before I go back to society, youk now, I called, I believe about a week or so ago, trying to figure out information on how to start a small business in the state of Michigan. But I need that information. That’s not in the Law Library either. I don’t know if it’s like a national, small business book or pamphlet or information, but I need it, if it do exist, I really, really need it, I really could use it, you know, because I really just want to do something- I’m not even sure about even need the information or small business because I really want to start get me going like a food truck or something of that nature you know what I’m saying, something that can be managed, you know, because I’ve been in prison for a while, so when I get out, you know, I want to be ready, man, I want to be fully prepared, I want to have all the information I need to survive out there, you know.

I’m gonna be paroled into Detroit later on this year, so I can use all the positive information I can get on how to survive out there properly and be a productive human being in society, and I don’t have to take risk going to jail or getting locked back up because this- needless to say, this is not the place to be, so if anybody in the state of Michigan or even anywhere, I don’t care where you are on the planet earth. If you can look up the information and send it to me to As far as I know, it’s free to sign up and log on to as far as I know. But I could really use information, so I’m gonna keep on reaching out and keep on going, keep on striving to get it right, you know, and get the information I need because, you know, I don’t plan on coming back to the Michigan Department of Corrections when I get out of here.

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