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Torrey Braxton

This is Torrey Braxton 313197, coming with a few requests. I’m currently incarcerated in the Michigan Department of Corrections, and we’ve been busy at the Law-

Fellow inmates been real busy at the Law Library, trying to figure out what’s going on. Michigan is supposed to change a law. This year, changing the TIS, Truth In Sentencing, is supposed to be kind of like overturned, you know, and they supposed to start giving us either [inaudible] or good time. We are trying to get—well, prisoners—we are trying to get all the information we can get on it.

The Law Library is not really providing us with no information. That’s where the public come in. We need the public to help us get this information. If y’all can send us the link- we don’t have access to the internet in the state of Michigan and Michigan prison system, so we would appreciate it if a listener out there that’s from Michigan or from wherever, y’all can look it up and send me the link on the House bill or whatever that’s going Truth In Sentencing or giving that good time. We will greatly appreciate it, so we can look it up for ourselves.

Any listeners, if you know what to do and you know how to look it up on the internet or whatever, it might be on We need the information, so if somebody can send me the information at to Torrey Braxton 313197, it will be appreciated.

And we was having a little trivia day, and we was looking through the almanac trying to figure out where did the term “the White House,” in the United States of America, who coined the term “the White House”? Where did that name come from, and then what year? If any researchers know the answer to that question, can we please get some help?

And if it’s some scientists out there listening, we want to know how fast do thoughts travel, dealing with the human brain, the human mind? Is there a set number on how fast the mind travels or thoughts travel? How fast do thought travel? Is that even a question? But if anybody got the information, you know what I’m saying, we would appreciate it if y’all could send it to us.

I just gave you the information on how to do it. I believe it’s free to log on to, you know, that’s pretty much our only source of outside communication other than regular mail and well, who does that nowadays? Nobody! But in fact I think they’re going up on stamps. I don’t know if it’s all of America, but they definitely going up in the state of Michigan. This is horrible. Inflation is horrible. Y’all think y’all got a bad- lord, I’ll be working in the damn kitchen, I only get like freakin’ 28 cent an hour.

This is all a part of the twisted prison system. It’s a hell hole, but I don’t have a problem with it. It’s supposed to be a hell hole. It’s supposed to be uncomfortable here. That way when I gotta get out of this damn- little guys or and females get out of this goddamn prison system, they stay out, so I don’t mind it being uncomfortable. But I do like to learn, y’all understand me, so if anybody out there got the information and can be of some assistance, that will be appreciated. And on that, have a nice day everybody. Thank you for listening in, and hey, let’s see what we can learn together. I’m out.

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