Prison Radio
Torrey Braxton

Checking in, Torrey Braxton, inmate number 313197.

Just did a month in the box for nothing but cussing the police out. Oh my god, it’s crazy man. That’s all I did, but I didn’t even catch a ticket for it.

But while I was in seg, I got to watching a little bit of TV like Oxygen Channel and Dateline and National Geographic. I swear, man, society, y’all need to really start a movement to stop these shows, real life shows, real life drama shows, from glorifying serial killers. I mean, I was- I was watching- I watched a couple of these serial killers like BTK and Jeffrey Dahmer and all these guys.

Society, y’all really need to ask yourself a question. Why do y’all keep on running these shows about these damn serial killers and running these documentaries. All y’all doing is glorifying serial killers, making somebody else wanting to become one, eventually, who sees these old goofy ass shows. And then not only that, y’all re-victimizing the family and friends of all the victims that’s done been killed by these god damn serial killers, man.

Somehow, someway, I can’t speak for other countries specifically because I haven’t been to other countries—I have been in Canada before—I’m from Detroit, Michigan, I have crossed the Windsor tunnel more than a few times—but I mean, I mean, like serious, man, we as a society need to come up with a plan on how we could suppress these serial killers and they behavior, I mean like serious, I mean, it was- I was watching a documentary and you got one guy saying, “Oh, he had one of his little buddies hiding in the back of a blue van.” He said, “Oh, she a prostitute chick hopped in the car hopping in the van, I told her to go in the back and get a beer, and when she went in the back to get a beer, my other guy that I had lying in wait attacked her, and they got to tussling.” He talmabout, “Oh, she was getting the best of my buddy, I turned the music up and sped away and hit the gas and that’s when he subdued her and took control of her- of course they wind up brutally sexually assaulting her and killing her.” But he shouldn’t have had the chance to relive that story, to tell that story no more.

I just don’t know how we could do it, but I know it can be done. If we could- the governments and citizens all across the planet earth, if we can send satellites far up into the universe, and we could travel to outer space, I think we could figure out a way to stop glorifying serial killers, man. But somehow they just kind of start within inside of us.

I know that’s kind of weird coming from a guy that’s in prison, but if I made some bad decisions I might- if you can see what I’m locked out for this go to, type in Braxton, inmate number 313197, you can see what I’m locked up for, I don’t have a problem with it. If you have any questions comments or concerns, hop on my, I’ll respond as soon as I get a chance to.

But anyway on my you know like I said, man, I’m feeling good. I just got out of seg, about to see the parole board soon, ’bout to be back in Detroit, Michigan, and I’m good, man. And for everybody that be listening to Prison Radio, you know, I really hope you’re getting what you’re looking for. I don’t know what exactly y’all looking for, you know, but I’m locked up in the state of Michigan, and this prison system is no fun, trust it’s no fun.

But anyway, man, you know, I just wanted to call in and get this short commentation, man, you know, everybody have a blessed day, everybody stay blessed, stay safe, man, and this, love your loved ones, man, and live life, man.

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