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Torrey Braxton

This is Torrey Braxton in the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Father’s Day just passed not too long ago in the United States of America. I understand that in the United States of America, Father’s Day just passed, and it got me thinking, I don’t know who my biological father is, and my mother has passed. When my mother passed away in 1999, actually, June 30, 1990.

I want to know if in any way is if anybody out there listening can help me. They got places where my DNA can be ran like 23 and Me, and they use DNA to catch the Orange County Killer dude. You know his- one of his relatives had was a swab of DNA, and it was entered into the database, and that’s how they wound up catching Orange County Killer from California and America.

But I want to know is if anybody out there can help me. I’ve sent my DNA. I know how to do it where it won’t get contaminated. All I got to do is like, I was thinking I could just take a few plain Q-Tips, and just swab my cheeks and swab my tongue and stuff, you know what I’m saying real good, and just tie it off in a clean plastic bag that has not been tampered with or contaminated. And use the same thing with the Q-Tips that hasn’t been contaminated enough and send it to whoever can be of help to me, cause I just want somebody to run my DNA through the national database or whatever the same system that they use to catch the Orange County Killer.

I’m pretty sure it’s not free, but we can figure that out, you know, I’m saying all that can be figured out. That’s it. They got GoFundMe and all so. I’ll be out of prison pretty soon, and I would like to thank all the listeners for listening to what I have to say and I encourage everybody to have a blessed day.

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