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Torrey Braxton

Once again, this is Torrey Braxton, 313197. I’m currently incarcerated in the Michigan Department of Corrections, and everything that can go wrong is going wrong.

Since the last time I made a recording which was early last year, I believe I did six unnecessary months in segregation. It’s driving me crazy. The Department of Corrections is getting- Michigan Department of Corrections is getting on my nerves, the Michigan parole board is getting on my nerves. But I have high spirits. This is a New Year. New means I got a positive outlook. I have an out date scheduled for December 2023, so I’m staying out of trouble, I’m being cool, I’m in a low level right now, which is good, and if I be a good old guy in April, I go through one more lower level, which is level one, which is the most unsecure level in the Michigan Department of Corrections.

But on another note, I do need some help. If anybody can be of help or assistance, anybody listening, I need information on how to start a small business, like a book or pamphlet or whatever. But I’m not sure if it’s one that is like nationwide, I’m not for sure if that’s for all of America or do different states have different procedures of policy directives and operating procedures on how to start a small business. I’m pretty sure state got their own this and that, but I’m currently incarcerated in the state of Michigan, and so if anybody knows where I need to get the information on how to start a small business, please feel free to guide me in that direction or send me the information so I could get it myself, because I am scheduled to leave prison this year and I don’t want to start out too big, you know what I’m saying, but I do want to start out a small business, maybe like getting a food truck or something of that nature and maybe even opening up a small store that, you know, maybe specializes in desserts like a bakery or something like that. But, you know, at Michigan they do have like reentry programs that show you how to fill out job applications and things of that nature, but I’m more so what can I do for myself, how can I start my own business, how can I be my own application, you know?

If any listeners had information or advice that I need, please feel free to just send it to my My name is Torrey Braxton, and my inmate number is 313197. You can’t go wrong. I need all the knowledge I can get right now on how to assert myself back into society in a positive manner. I’m 41 years old, I’ll be 42 once I’m released. Right now my out date is scheduled for December 2023, so I need all I can get, you know?

Let’s get to it man. You know, it’s a new year, I’m feeling blessed, feeling like God is on my side, so I just got to take life one day at a time, and if anybody can send me some information on how to be successful in the state of Michigan, start your own business, maybe even get like loans and stuff from the government, you know what I’m saying, in the state of Michigan, you know, the Michigan reentry program don’t talk about that kind of stuff, you know, they really talk about it’s like how to fill out job applications, how to prepare yourself for a job interview, you know what I’m saying, things of that nature.

It should be pretty easy for me to get things going, you know, given my criminal record, I don’t really have much, I do got a couple of assaults, but I don’t have nothing like super dangerous or something that’ll raise a red flag, you know what I’m saying, because some prisoners, their crimes in the state of Michigan, crimes are so violent like murder and CSC, which is criminal sexual conduct, you know what I’m saying, that nature, it’d be hard to even land a job, let alone start your own business, you know, but I don’t think it’d be that difficult for me because I don’t have none of that stuff going on in my life, but you know, I’m taking it one day at a time man. I’m just so happy to be alive, and you know, other than that, I’m good man, just gotta get my story out, you know, trying to get all the help I can before I get ushered back into society, you know what I’m saying.

So other than that, man, you know, just wanted to call and give an update with the Torrey Chronicles, man, and this crazy dingbat Michigan Department of Corrections prison system, man. It’s it’s a headache, but I’m gonna make it through, you know, I’m gonna survive, I’ll make it through, you know. I understand prison is not meant to be comfortable. Prison is meant to be an uncomfortable place where you learn positive skills and, you know, things of that nature that will keep you out of prison.

Now more than ever, man, this Michigan Department of Corrections stuff, it is so crazy up here in here, man. I don’t even know where to begin. It is horrible, man, but you know again, this so called belly of the beast, so called concrete jungle, you know, survival of the fittest, all that, you know, but I’m reaching out to for assistance, positive assistance, positive energy only. If you’re not positive energy, I’m not interested, you know. I’m interested in making myself a better person. I’ll be going till- I’ll be paroled into the state of Michigan, to Detroit, the city of Detroit to be more specific, you know, so, like I said, if anybody can be of help and send me any type of positive knowledge or paperwork or books or whatever on how to be successful when you get out, you know, life after prison, what all can I get, what all can I do? Those that are familiar with Michigan prison system, you know what I’m saying?

I could really use your help, you know, because I could just use the help, you know, in a nutshell, you know, I’m a fan, I’m good spirits, you know, I’m bringing good energy to this year, and I hope somebody out there can be of aid to me, can be of some assistance to me, you know, I’m a fan. Other than that, man, I wish everybody have—all the listenrs—have a nice day and nice year, be the best you, you know what I’m saying? And I’ll be back in a couple of days to make another announcement, you know. I’m gonna try to update, you know, as much as possible, you know what I’m saying, get this information I need, the literature I need, you know, on how to be successful once you leave prison, you know, and that’s my angle, man, that’s all I got man.

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