Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Okay y’all. Found out what it was. Y’all had me infirmary years ago and told me I was faking, then the test came back, proved I was allergic to- highly allergic, wasn’t supposed to be housed in it, none of that. Now what are we gonna do y’all? We just found out that I tested positive for this mold, so what are we gonna do with this facility because it’s everywhere? Y’all get up in one o’clock in the morning, have inmates scrubbing these floors and try to cover this shit. What are y’all gonna do about this? I just tested positive for mold, not one, three of my results came back.

This is unacceptable. I ain’t never looked like this in my life. This is unacceptable. Do something to fix this place up. If you ain’t gonna clean it up, then close it down. You don’t want let nobody go? Move it somewhere else. I ain’t get no life sentence, no death sentence. Y’all killing me in here. This is not acceptable. And I the only one they killing, and when we speak out, retaliation, but they complaining because I’m gonna keep on speaking. Like this is wrong.

Y’all they ain’t even coming, the warden, he ain’t apologize for what he did me in- warden told me shut up, sit down, there ain’t no mold in this facility even though I got my results two days later. You ain’t gonna come and say nothing, you weren’t even trying to get this place cleaned up. You still trying to cover it. Like this is wrong. All of them should faulted for this. All of them should be in a jail cell. Imagine how many people died from this already! Been covering up stuff.

Now the disc in my neck is something wrong with it, like this is unbelievable. I’m really angry. I’m hurt. This is wrong. This is wrong. All the time, I’ve been telling these people. What am I to fake for? You all knew I wasn’t faking. Y’all see how my body was changing. They knew it. My skin, it’s all going on my skin. Y’all gonna take pictures, take pictures of everybody else. They knew for one I wasn’t faking. And now they tried to cover it up. It’s too late for that. It’s way too late for that.

This has got to change. Enough is enough. Like it’s time for us to stand up. We need people to help. We need people. We need a lot of people to stand for us ladies. It’s so sad, world, it’s so sad how every time I look around, somebody is dying. I’m very hurt. I love y’all though. We need y’all. We really need y’all.

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