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Dallas Britt

This is Dallas Britt, 225132 at Minnesota Correctional Facility Rush City, Rush City, Minnesota 7600-525 Street, 55069.

This is called “Being Open-Minded to Feedback From Anyone.”

Lessons in corrections can come from many different people as long as we take it for what it is and keep our ego in check.

I think of the Apostle Peter. Peter was with Jesus from the beginning of his ministry. He also had a struggle. One of those struggles with letting people see he was an Apostle of Jesus. We saw this when he denied the Lord three times. He does something similar later on after the rise of another Apostle named Paul.

Peter was called off for the way he behaved regarding Gentiles and Jews. We don’t know exactly how he responded to Paul’s correction, but from his history, I imagine he got defensive. He may have said something like, “I’ve been doing this a lot longer than you after all you’ve done,” or, “I was with Jesus from the beginning even while you were persecuting us.”

We react like this when someone tells us something that hurts. It usually hurts because there’s some truth to it. It may strike up guilt or shame because we know we are in the wrong. It doesn’t matter what someone’s title is or what they have done in the past. If we accept correction when we are in the wrong, without looking at how beneath us we feel the messenger is, we’ll be able to learn a great deal about how our conduct is really being portrayed to others.

Thank you, God bless you, and talk to someone new about Jesus today.

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