Prison Radio
Dallas Britt

This is Dallas Britt, Minnesota ID 225132, incarcerated at Minnesota Correctional Facility—Rush City, Rush City, Minnesota 55069.

For the last year and a half, I’ve been working a lot on becoming a better Christian and working the 12 steps. There are a lot of resources out there that combine the two: a really good book is the 12 Steps for Christians by Friends in Recovery.

Working through these steps, I learned the difference in step nine, between making direct amends and the living amends. There are going to be many people we cannot contact because it’ll hurt them more or maybe legal issues prevent us from doing so. In these cases, we change the action we did to hurt them.

If you think about it, changing this, we’ll be doing this the twelfth step, also carrying the message by change, others will see what we’ve become. If we simply follow the instructions for living that we find through the New Testament, our living amends is really just a simple call for us to live as Christians and strive each day to love everyone.

For those of us who have not accepted Jesus Christ, tell God right now that you’re grateful he loves you, you’re sorry for your sins of being separated from him, and you’re thankful he gave his only son and forgives you for your sins and that you believe Christ can and will make you right with God right now—and I pray that you truly believe that.

All my Christian brothers and sisters, talk to someone about Jesus today. Let’s start living and thinking the way the Bible tells us to. Let’s spread love and quit creating victims. Confess with your mouth to the Lord Jesus, and believe in our hearts—and we shall be saved. Amen. Be faithful, obedient and check the motives of our hearts.

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