Prison Radio
Dallas Britt

Alright, this is Dallas Britt from Minnesota Correctional Facility-Rush City, Rush City, MN, 7600-525 Street, Rush City, MN 55069.

I usually like to use this platform for evangelism and for personal reflections, and I did have one of those written for today, but there’s something else I’d like to talk about.

We’ve been dealing an uphill battle for religious freedom here in prison. Last week, we were denied the opportunity to use a study room because we had our Bibles with us. While following the chain of command, the Lieutenant told me [inaudible] religion can only be practiced in our chapel or in our cell.

Now the chapel has been closed for well over a year due to COVID. My religion calls for fellowship. I’m not sure all the rules as far as religious freedom, but let me know what you say. When did God become the problem? I recently completed chemical dependency treatment in prisons. I found God shortly before that. It changed my life, my outlook on life and others, it gave me hope and something good to strive for.

When it comes to reforming criminals, anything that teaches love, peace, and kindness should be allowed. The things I’ve learned from my higher power, God, Jesus Christ, have been such a blessing that I want to share it with the whole world. I definitely want the incarcerated brothers to know, but we’re told to keep it to ourselves behind lock and key.

Today I’m asking for your prayers in this area, and our religious beliefs do not have to be suppressed. Thank you, God bless you, and talk to someone today about Jesus. Thank you.

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