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Dallas Britt

This is Dallas Britt, 225132 at Minnesota Correctional Facility, Rush City, Rush City, MN, 7600-525 Street, Rush City, MN 55069.

“Praying For Wisdom.”

I think it’s just as important as praying for the removal of our character defects, every day we should be asking for wisdom for our loved ones and for ourselves. Sometimes we see the results right away, and sometimes it takes a while, but if we seek wisdom, God will give it to us.

I’ve been doing this each day for about the last six months. Where I see the results seem to have been the most are when I’m contemplating a thought and the possible results flashed before my eyes, more the positive and the negative. If we ask for wisdom as King Solomon did, we will get that wisdom, but we need to be prepared to make the right choices still.

And that’s a whole different issue. It has to do with asking for strength. Remember God made Solomon the wisest person in Israel. People, even the rulers, would come from all around to hear his wisdom. However, he still became selfish and disobedient to the Lord and had to face the consequences. Let us all pray for wisdom and take a few extra minutes to think to make better choices today.

All my Christian brothers and sisters remember to keep winning souls to the Lord and talk to someone new about Jesus today. Thank you, and God bless you.

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